Saturday, October 2, 2010

sisterhood of the traveling quilt

Last October I went to California to join Natalie & friends as a part of the Beyond the Reef team for PIQF.

 Joanna Figueroa of Fig Tree Quilts was there too
and her booth was right across from beyond the reef

On day 2 somehow we all got into a discussion on appliqué. Jane & Natalie were explaining to Joanna how the night before they had taught me needle turn appliqué. Joanna said I should try the freezer paper method. The conversation continued on and off & by the end of the day a challenge was born. With the Madeline pattern from Joanna, shown above, and fabric from beyond the reef.... I had homework!

Here I am that very night... taking a short break to blog & check a few e-mails

With help from Natalie & Jane I learned more about applique. Come morning we had a quilt top! A "mini madeline" that we named LeiLani.. our hula girl.
fabric is assorted beyond the reef
pattern - Madeline
designed by Joanna Figueroa
piecing & appliqué by Jane & Julie & Natalie
quilted by Jane
started on 10/16/09
top done on 10/17/09
finished on ?? {i have to ask jane!}
quilt measures - 19.5" x 27" 

we went with aloha in place of handmade for our hula girl

and Jane decided to add a rubber ducky necklace
since many fans of beyond the reef know Natalie for her rubber duckies

after the show Jane took it home to quilt it
and she did an amazing job!

I asked Jane who would keep the quilt...
and she said it would travel... and spend time with Natalie... with Jane.. and with me.
so today it's headed back to california... i've enjoyed having it for a while now.
& that is how it became the sisterhood of the traveling quilt

2010 PIQF is coming up...

Pacific International Quilt Festival XIX
October 14 - 17, 2010
Santa Clara Convention Center in California

Unfortunately I won't be there this year.
but you can visit my circle around quilt & i'll be there in spirit


Lilac Barries said...

I was there last year as well and will be going again this year, I'm so excited!

I really need to learn applique as well, there's soo many great patterns just outside my reach because of not knowing it.

I'll be excited to see your circle around quilt. I've been meaning to ask is the pattern only available in the magazine?

Jewel said...

I should have said "Hi" to you last year when I saw you going to lunch. I will be there this year and I will be sure to say "Hi" to your quilt :)

Becky (My Fabric Obsession) said...

I love LeiLana! Beautiful. That's one skill I really want to learn, applique. I haven't tried it at all yet!

DianeY said...

Well of course I love anything Aloha! Soon you'll be singing Sweet Leilani!

Sandy said...

That is so darn cute!! I love your variation on it. I may need to get that pattern!

Honey Run Quilters... said...

Sorry to hear you will not be a P.I.Q.F. you always stop at our booth..... we will miss you!!!

The Honey Run Girls :)

Nicole Morris said...

Julie, Leilana turned out great! Mom and Natalie are great teachers! We will miss you this year at PIQF but we will keep you there in spirit!

Erika Mulvenna said...

A great little quilt and I love that it will travel from person to person! Nicely done!

IHaveANotion ~ Kelly Jackson said...

You are a quick study that is for sure.

I've been working on a challenge quilt. All I have thought about is how Julie would have had it done and it would be so cool. But I have not artist in me....well....if I do....she is sound asleep!! I feel like I have been in labor for two weeks and I just want this baby done. I have to have the top finished by Monday to enter. Just know...I really, really, really wish you were here in OH with me :)

mascanlon said...

Very nice job on the applique, thats an adorable quilt to share with good friends. I love to applique but don't spend the time to get it together and take a long since I use freezer paper.

momto2wasd said...

I've loved that quilt pattern since I first saw it. I really like the way it looks in the bright colors!

Marjorie's Busy Corner said...

your hula girl is just adorable!!

Unknown said...

Love Hula Girl! It is beautiful and so different!