Thursday, September 30, 2021

Rock Candy Sew Along

Rock Candy is one of my favorite patterns, and it's the perfect fast finish for this time of year. I've made it more than 20 times. It can be made from scraps, charm packs, jelly rolls & more. The fabrics you pick and placement you choose can make it look so unique & original. Sign ups for the sew along are happening now.

Here are some of the many Rock Candy table toppers I've made.

Clever placement creates a focus on different shapes.

Careful placement of lights and darks.

Rainbow colors pop!

Fussy cut Eagles fabric featured.

3 coordinated toppers from the same fabric collection, one in each color-way.

Fussy cut hands from Tula Pink's HomeMade featured in the center.

Two solid colors offset by a strong background.

Scrappy Tula Pink featuring HomeMade and True Colors.

Rock Candy is versatile. You can make it high contrast, low contrast, or all in the same color family. You can make it with solids, prints, blenders, batiks, or mix of those fabrics. 

It's scrap friendly. Put those bits to work that you're wondering what to make with them. 

It's quick! You can make one when you need a quick gift, for a holiday table spread, or just because you want to make a fast finish for yourself.

It's foundational for a lot of other Jaybird Quilts patterns. If you can make a Rock Candy table topper, you'll have a lot of luck making most Jaybird Quilts patterns.

Sign ups for the sew along are happening now. Let's make a Rock Candy table topper together this fall!

I hope you'll join us for our sew along.

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J-Strawzz said...

Your post about the Rock Candy Sew Along just showed up on my YouTube this morning 10/17/2021. Will I be able to get the pattern and watch videos on how to make this?