Monday, April 24, 2017

Alphabet Soup

I'm so excited to share my latest book with you! I'm pleased to introduce Alphabet Soup!!

Here is the back cover of the book!

If you're wondering what the text at the top of the back cover says, it reads: 
Julie Herman of Jaybird Quilts introduces Alphabet Soup. Build your own personalized projects with letters and numbers cut with Hex N More & Super Sidekick rulers, all with no Y seams! This book includes full color directions for all letters of the alphabet, numbers 0 to 9, coloring pages, full size templates, and eight projects that you can make with the personalized blocks of your choice. Projects include:Letter & Number Tiles for Banners + Frames,  Monogram Pillow, Table Runner, Signs, Baby Quilt, & Tote Bag. The possibilities of what you can make with Alphabet Soup are endless!

Here are 3 table runners. You can make personalized Table Runners with any words, even names.

Behind the scenes of getting that photo as captured by my husband.

Numbers are also included in Alphabet Soup! Here's a wall sign hanging on Ackfeld Wire that features our wedding date.

The book includes 20+ word options to make your own personalized baby quilt. This was quilted by Teresa Silva of Quilting is My Bliss.

A tote bag! I recommend making this using Lazy Girl Designs Dreamy Fusible Fleece & Face It Soft fusible interfacing.

Photographing babies was a new adventure for me.

Most of the time he just wanted to show me the back of the number 8.

Dane spent more time looking at his mom than he did looking at the camera, as babies tend to do.

Here is Dane with all the pillows and the banner above him. He really is always a happy baby whenever I see him!

My brother Brad snapped these "first day of school" photos of Aliyah and Elijah.

I love these kids SO much and can't believe how grown up they are!

I love how these letter tiles look on Ackfeld Wire stands & frames.

Make a set of Monogram Pillows to spell words or names.

Angela Walters got really creative with the quilting on this JOY table runner.

I even made a set of QUILT pillows for my couch!

I used ByAnnie's Soft & Stable®  in place of batting on the tiles, & I love how it well it works to support the tiles when I make banners with them.

Behind the scenes of shooting some images for inside the book & social media:

The quilting on this table runner by Angela is amazing!!

There's so much that you can make with Alphabet Soup. There's everything from A... Z!

Alphabet Soup uses the Hex N MoreSuper Sidekick rulers, and there's no Y seams!!! The book is printed in full color + full size templates are included in the book if you don't have the rulers.

Books are expected to ship to local & online quilt shops in late May.

I can't wait to see what you make with Alphabet Soup! Be sure to share photos on social media using the hashtag #JaybirdAlphabet.

Also, Bonus Blocks for the book are available, too! Fill out your information below to receive the bonus blocks via email.

© Blog post written by Julie Herman
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Gale Bulkley said...

What a gorgeous book and lovely concept. Will this book be available digitally? I haven't purchased paper patterns/books in years now. I'd like to be able to buy yours.

Kathryn said...

I love the mosaic look of your letters. I have your rulers, so just need to wait for the book. Thanks for the preview.

terrieannie said...

Love ❤️ it!

Heide said...

Looks so fun! So many different ways to use it.

Myra @ Busy Hands Quilts said...

Oh my! You book looks delightful!

everinprogress said...

I love your book! Will there be a pfd version by any chance? I find stuff stays way more organized in my computer

Karla's Quilts said...

Wow! This blog perfectly sold your book! The ideas are fabulous and endless!! So much room to be creative. And the photo your husband got made me laugh. Well done on everything!!

Kathleen said...

Such eye candy! Can't wait for the book. Loved the way Park Bench went together so I can't wait to have this in my stash for when I need it!

Esther said...

Very Cool!!...Congratulations on your new book!

Crazy Bike Lady said...

Once again you amaze! I do believe I need this book! Congratulations and thanks for the really fun photos. Made my day 👍

Karen said...

What a great idea for a book. And NO Y SEAMS is an even better idea :) So many possibilities for kiddos and grownups. Thanks!!

Jeannine said...

I love, love, love it!!!!!!!So excited and can't wait to get my hands on it. I already have my first project idea.
Thanks for all your great work and ideas.

mascanlon said...

Great book! love all the photos and am ready to start my first project!!

Live a Colorful Life said...

I'm SUPER excited about this book, Julie!!

Ms. Gwyn said...

I love it! I have the perfect project in mind. My preschool is named TLC, so it would be a super cute banner for the beginning of the next school year. What a great summer project. I love your rulers. I don't mind Y seams. However no Y seams can speed up the process.

Diane Warburton said...

I'm just praying a British store has jumped onto this and made a huge order, as I love it. I already have hexnmore but found a supplier for side kick and asked them to order the book. Bring it on, as so many ideas! Thanks heaps.

Angel Hawks said...

OMG! I love, love, love it! Can't wait to get one!

Unknown said...

Julie I love all of your rulers and patterns and have been waiting for this book to become available! Hooray!!! It's already in my cart :) I am just wondering....will it be possible to minime the patterns for using with the mini hex 'n more ruler? I'm thinking quilt labels here!!!! Thanks again for another awesome creative product.

Unknown said...

I love your Quilts great book I love Jamaica Kona solid thanks for inspiration

Unknown said...

I just love seeing this grouping of JayBird quilts all together, many of which I’ve sewn myself, and others I still have waiting to be done. I can’t wait to take the next step into long arm quilting my own quilt tops!