Thursday, December 31, 2015

Quilts I finished in 2015

This morning I found myself wanting to post my annual retrospective of quilts I finished in 2015. I made a lot of quilts this year & I also made a lot of stuff. I made so much stuff that it'll have to be another blog post.

I did sew more quilt tops and blocks this year, but this post is just for the finished quilts of 2015. Here are the quilts/pillows/toppers I finished in 2015, a total of 44.

Finished on 1/14/15

Sweetheart Table Topper
Finished on 2/5/15

Green Rock Candy
Finished on 3/4/15

Blue Rock Candy
Finished on 3/4/15

Finished on 3/6/15

Kona Science Fair
Finished on 3/8/15

Kona Stereo 
Finished on 3/12/15

Postcard for Sisters Charity Auction
Finished on 4/27/15

Picnic Placemat
Finished on 5/8/15

Mini Disco in Architextures & Botanics by Carolyn Friedlander
Finished on 5/26/15

Nest Braid Quilt
Finished on 5/9/15

Kona Night Sky 
Finished on 6/7/15

Tranquil Waters pattern by Tula Pink
Finished on 6/18/15

Finished on 6/20/15

Night Sky - Tula Pink Fox Field
Finished on 6/24/15

Delight in Jules & Indigo by Valori Wells
Finished on 6/29/15

Night Sky Placemat
Finished on 7/20/15

Glimmer Pillows for living room
Finished on 7/22/15

Night Sky Topper
Finished on 7/28/15

Mini Stereo
Finished on 9/5/15

Salmon Rock Candy in Fragmental by Angela Walters - Finished on 9/5/15
Park Rock Candy in Fragmental by Angela Walters- Finished on 9/5/15
Sunflower Rock Candy in Fragmental by Angela Walters- Finished on 9/6/15

Arcade Game
Finished 9/6/15

Tula Pink Eden Stereo
Finished on 9/7/15

Mini Splash
Finished on 9/16/15

White Mini Giggles
Finished on 9/25/15

Blue Mini Giggles
Finished on 9/25/15

Northern Lights in Arizona by April Rhodes
Finished 9/27/15

Sweet Tooth
Finished 10/2/15

Green Tula Pink Chipper Chopsticks
Finished 10/14/15

Purple Tula Pink Chipper Chopsticks
Finished 10/14/15

Orange Tula Pink Chipper Chopsticks
Finished 10/15/15

Boomerang in Black Tie Affair by Basic Grey
Finished 10/16/15

Arcade Game in Black Tie Affair by Basic Grey
Finished 10/16/15

Splash in Black Tie Affair by Basic Grey
Finished 10/17/15

Tula Pink Chipper Boomerang
Finished 10/18/15

Northern Lights in Tula Pink Voile
Finished 11/2/15

Vera Stars for mom
Finished 11/13/15
(Pattern is Country Windmills by Roseann Meehan Kermes)

Lotus for mom & dad
Finished 12/12/15

A pair of pillows for mom & dad
 Finished 12/16/15

I'm already looking forward to see what I will finish in 2016! Have a Happy New Year!

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kitty said...

That's a really impressive collection of beautiful creations, Julie!!
Happy New Year to you and Lawrence and all your beloved ones!

Lara B. said...

It's totally amazing how many beautiful quilts you have made this year! I'm especially in love with the blue and green combinations you put together! Wonderful work Julie!

mascanlon said...

Such a beautiful collection!

ferne said...

Beautiful! Do you quilt your own quilts? I see the dates on some are only a few days apart, surely you don't make a quilt that fast...that's how long it would take me to sew the binding on. I do love your collection especially the colors.

Sally said...

I love the chuppah! But all hexie designs and 6 pointed stars fascinate me. Thanks for sharing your year of quilting.

mo B said...

I want to say God bless you for paying attention in math class! I did two of your gravity quilts this fall. I was afraid to cut into the kit so I shopped my stash and did the block in batiks first then the kit. So much fun!I just finished the first one when I figure out how to send you a photo I will. The quilting was such an adventure with the shape by shape book.
Happy Fruitful new year to you and yours. Cant wait to do another of you pstterns. Blessings, mo

The Joyful Quilter said...

You were a VERY busy quilter!!

Sharon - IN said...

What a beautiful collection of quilts! I had the privilege of demoing your rulers and teaching Park Bench at a local quilt shop 2014-15. Your patterns and rulers are very popular! I'm looking forward to your new designs in 2016!

Terry Conner said...


daisymeadow said...

Wow! You really did get a lot accomplished in 2015. My favorites are the orange Tula Pink chopsticks, the Splash Quilt, the Glimmer pillows, Lotus quilt and pillows, and... And the quilting on the Green Rock Candy table topper is exquisite.

Pat said...

Beautiful ,.. every single one ... but that Northern Lights in Tula Pink Voile is mouth watering.

Kathy C said...

I am such a slacker. Love your quilts. Best wishes for the new year.

Bennett and Graves said...

I LOVE Arcade Game and Splash in Black Tie Affair. You've had quite the year, here's to a great follow up with 2016. A friend asked me how many quilts I made last year and now I need to go back thru my pictures and do a count.

KatheG said...

WOW! So beautiful - you were very busy. So what else did you do in 2015 - ha, ha! Thanks for sharing all you work!

Anne Powers said...

Your quilts are amazing! How can I get the pattern for chopsticks? I'd love to make it!