Saturday, October 18, 2014

#ParkBenchQuilt Block 7 - First Date

Early this year, my latest Block of the Month (BOM) design, Park Bench, hit stores, and I started a series of posts showing off the blocks you have been making of each design. Each of the blocks is named for favorite memories and moments in parks. Block 7 is First Date. The playful arrangement of the diamonds reminds me of how a great first date has a really comfortable flow to it.

I've been collecting pictures of blocks as quilters share them on Instagram. I'm loving how your blocks are coming together and the fabrics you have chosen to make your quilt unique.

Do you like the high color contrasting blocks or the low color contrast Park Bench blocks?

Post pictures of your blocks, top and finished quilt using #ParkBenchQuilt and you might find your work featured in a future blog post. (Add those #ParkBenchQuilt tags soon, there's only 1 more block left!)

Do you have a favorite first date memory?
Share which color contrasts you prefer or a favorite first date moment in the comments!

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Unknown said...

My blocks and triangles are finished. Now to determine the layout! Have thoroughly enjoyed this class at Capital Quilts in Gaithersburg, MD.

Barbara said...

I prefer the high color contrast blocks (like the one with the orange background). The high contrast really shows off the different pieces.

Paul said...

My favorite first date memory is my first date with the woman I have now been married to for almost 25 years!

Long story short... We met at work. Everyone told us we should date. She wasn't my type. She thought I was the most arrogant, conceited person she'd ever met. Everyone kept telling us we should date.

I finally asked her out, literally hoping she would say "NO" so that people would stop bugging us about dating. She didn't want everyone to be mad at her so she said "YES" expecting to call my bluff and that I'd cancel. The only thing it turns out we have in common is that we're both stubborn.

We went out literally expecting to have the worst date of all time.

We went to dinner at a bar and before we realized it, they asked us to leave as they were ready to close up. It was 1 AM. We walked across the street and sat on a park bench and talked until the sun came up. Three months later, I asked her to marry me and she said "YES".

4 kids and 25 years later, I am so glad I decided to sacrifice a night on a planned "rotten night" with a girl who "wasn't my type"...