Saturday, August 23, 2014

#ParkBenchQuilt Block 3 - Hopscotch

Early this year, my latest Block of the Month (BOM) design, Park Bench, hit stores, and I've started a series of posts showing off the blocks you're making of each design. Each of the blocks is named for favorite memories and moments in parks. Block 3 is Hopscotch. The path from outside of the block into the center looks so good for some Hopscotch jumping!

I've been collecting pictures of blocks as quilters have been sharing them on Instagram. I'm loving how your blocks are coming together and the fabrics you pick to make your quilt unique.

Have you ever been a part of a BOM group or shop program? Do you think you would like to try one now?
Post pictures of your blocks, top and finished quilt using #ParkBenchQuilt and you might find your work featured in a future blog post.

Do you have a favorite hopscotch in a park moment?
Share a favorite BOM memory or a favorite hopscotch in the park moment in the comments!

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Linderella from Linderella's Quilt Works said...
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Linderella from Linderella's Quilt Works said...

Hi Julie!
Just wanted to say thanks for including a photo of my Park Bench blocks on your blog today! We have 24 customers at Linderella's participating in the Park Bench BOM, and all are having a ball making the blocks and loving your pattern. Thanks again!
Linda/Linderella's Quilt Works

Johanna said...

Thanks for putting these collections of photos together! I always love seeing all the variety possible in one block.