Thursday, June 6, 2013

Spring 2013 Quilt Market - Recap #1

Quilt Market.... came & went!! So much work and preparation and then it's over in a flash!

Now that I've been home for a couple of weeks I've had a minute to organize all my photos. This post has setup & schoolhouse.

I usually make a last minute bag the night before Quilt Market. This year I decided to make a last minute dress. I made a Maxi Version of the Staple Dress by April Rhodes.

Waiting at the airport.

After delivering the quilts I brought to their respective booths... it was time to help. It seems like there is always a quilt or two that needs a sleeve... good thing I brought my hand sewing supplies!

The Robert Kaufman booth starting to come together.

I was really excited to spot my Tiny Dancer quilt in the top center of Dear Stella's booth. I also made the triangle pillow to the left of the "S" in Stella... tutorial coming soon!

Joan of Lazy Girl made this adorable pillow from Piper by Dear Stella.

My Lotus quilt in Piper by Dear Stella! Pardon the bad lighting... as it was still set up day with very few overhead lights.

Schoohouse day!

The first schoolhouse I attended was Tula Pink's for her new fabric line Acacia. 

I ended up helping her mom hold quilts during the session. Thank you to Scott of Blue Nickel for snapping these photos.

This awesome quilt will be in an issue of American Patchwork & Quilting this fall.

I think this one is going to be free download on Freespirit's site... but I may be wrong.

This Butterfly beauty was quite a hit at the show. Tula will be releasing this as a pattern later this summer. (Side note... I wasn't tall enough to hold it so Scott & I switched places for a moment!)

This quilt is an English paper piecing kit that comes packaged with the fabrics already cut and the papers needed.

Tula also showed off her new ribbons with Renaissance Ribbons.

Next up was Vanessa's schoolhouse for Aurifil threads. I didn't know if she'd hate me for posting this photo... but apparently she loved it so much she has re-posted it a few times. Classic Vanessa!!

A simple big block quilt that shows off her Ombre fabrics.

She showed off a few small projects too & explained how her thread collection works perfect with both of her fabric lines.

Next up was Tula to talk about her Aurifil threads.

I love that she had a giant version of the photo from the thread box cover printed on fabric & hung it behind her!! (I was tempted to steal it... but I didn't.)

Here is the amazing butterfly quilt again.

Me - Tula Pink - Teresa Silva
Teresa did some amazing last minute quilting for me on some Acacia quilts for quilt market.

The last schoolhouse I attended was Angela's for her new fabric line called Legacy.

It was really cool to hear the story behind the line. You can read more about it on Angela's blog.
Sorry for the bad lighting... it was low in the room because of the projector.


After schoolhouse I headed back to the show floor to see how my quilts were being displayed.
My Snack Time quilt in Artisan Batiks: Color Source 2 by Lunn Studios for Robert Kaufman. It was on display in the Robert Kaufman booth.
My Snack Time quilt in Kona Solids Robert Kaufman. It was also on display in the Robert Kaufman booth.

While there I spotted Rachel Griffith's Curiosity quilt in the Robert Kaufman booth.

Here is an adorable new line from Robert Kaufman called Hello Tokyo. I didn't make the quilt... but I did sew the sleeve on it!! (4th photo in this post)

Next I went over to Dear Stella. You can see my Tiny Dancer quilt and my Lotus quilt both in this photo.

My Lotus quilt with Natalie of Beyond the Reef's Kapa Ohana quilt. It was fun to discover that our quilts were hanging out together on the endcap of Dear Stella's booth!

Here is Natalie's booth. I love her color sense!

...and I love that she brought the surf board to Portland!

Carrie of Such Designs booth with her new fabric collection Collage.

I also discovered this... Best Seller!! It's exciting to see my book still doing so well!

My last stop for the day was Angela Walter's booth. This Legacy quilt was the focus of her booth... and it is AMAZING in person.

Angela had a HQ Sweet Sixteen in her booth and did demos. It was amazing to see how she works.


More recap to come in a few days!!

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Teresa Silva said...

Lovely post! You have to know that getting my picture with you and Tula was the absolute highlight of my market experience. I still have a great big smile on my face. Thank you so much for all that you do! Your quilts are just amazing.

Nilya said...

Thank you so so much!!! Gorgeous pictures!


Great pics! Being an art teacher, I love the quilt with he watercolor paints set...would you happen to have any information on it?

You're amazing Julie! You go girl😍

Anonymous said...

What a great tour. Thank you for sharing the beautiful quilts. Schoolhouse has changed a lot in the last 30 years.

mascanlon said...
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mascanlon said...

Wow! What fun to see your beautiful quilts spread all across market. And thanks for the look at all my favorites, Tula, Vanessa, Rachel, Natalie and Angela.

jackiero said...

Huge thanks for your photo's and the story behind each one :D
Also, I enjoyed seeing the faces behind the quilt design names, especially Natalie Barnes! Besides you, she is another I eagerly await her to rare blog-posts.
I just finished my 2nd month of making your Toes In the Sand BOM, I just love the patterns, fabrics (Fat Quarter) & using your new ruler

Sandy said...

Thanks for sharing your awesome photos! You have the wonderful ability to make us feel apart of all the action!
Great job!

Karin said...

Oh wow I am so in envy I would have loved to have gone. your pics and words make me fill it and the energy. wow what a great time.
From Karin