Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Crochet a Zoo! - Guest Post by Megan Kreiner

Today I'd like to introduce you to Megan.  Megan is the author of "Crochet a Zoo" an amazing new crochet book just released.  Megan & I met through my brother before either of us had released our books!

With that... here is a guest post from Megan!




Hello! My name is Megan Kreiner and I am the author of the book "Crochet a Zoo". Chances are that if you quilt you probably have at least 1 or 2 (or 20) more very cool skills up your sleeve when it comes to creating amazing handmade objects and gifts. Perhaps you are a knitting-quilter, a sewing-baker, or a costume making-graphic artist. Personally, I like to peg myself as a knitting-baking-crocheter with quilting tendencies :)


I was really excited when Julie invited me to put together a post to introduce my book “Crochet a Zoo” to the readers of her Jaybird Quilts Blog. I'm a big fan of Julie's work and was super excited to find out that Julie's "Skip the Borders" book was being released by the same publisher that gave me the green light for "Crochet a Zoo". This little coincidence came to light when I was discussing my upcoming book with my supervisor at DreamWorks Animation (who just happens to Brad, Julie's brother - small world right?).


Crochet a Zoo features 16 adorable and fairly quick to make zoo animal and zoo keeper patterns. There’s even a few sewing details and extras included for those who like a little skill set cross over. There’s a robust basics section in the beginning with lots of pictures and plenty of illustrated assembly instructions. If you're looking to try something new, this book could be a great excuse to make the jump into yarn-related crafts.


If you’ve ever wanted to try out crochet or would like a book of quick gifts ideas you can put together in a pinch, then I encourage you to check out my book “Crochet a Zoo” on Amazon. And, for bonus patterns and additional resources, please visit www.mkcrochet.com! Happy Crocheting!

Grizzly & Polar Bears!


To order a copy of Crochet a Zoo visit Megan's siteAmazon, or ask for it at your local shop!

You can find Megan on PinterestTwitterFacebook & More!

Megan was awesome and came out to my Skip the Borders book signing & release party at Sew Modern last year. Here are a few photos that Brad, my brother & Megan's supervisor, snapped of us! 

I hope you have enjoyed this peek into Megan's new book!

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Anna said...

I love making little crocheted animals! I'm going to have to check out this book :)

lthecraftyone said...

Please tell me that she's drinking a mimosa. If so, I'll fly out from DC to attend your next book signing. :)

Queenie Believe said...

These animals are soooo cute!
Have a great day.
Always, Queenie

Mary K said...

I love making them. These are new designs. I haven't seen them before. I am going to have to get it. Thanks for sharing this.