Friday, February 18, 2011

Giveaway winners.

The winner of the "Permission to Play" giveaway has been selected and is posted over at the swatch & stitch.  If you are the winner please contact me with your info.

A note about giveaways & winners
Once I pick a winner I always ask for that winner to contact me.  If they don't contact me in a reasonable time I'll see if I have their contact info and I'll take the time to contact them... but I shouldn't have to... and sometimes I don't have their e-mail address.

When you enter a giveaway you should go back to see if you have won.  It shouldn't be up to the person who coordinated the entire thing to also track you down for your info... after all you just won something.

I have yet to be contacted by the winner of the Pink Chalk giveaway and some of the winners of Vanessa's pattern giveaway.  If you won please contact me by midnight Monday the 21st or a new winner will be selected.
Pink Chalk Giveaway
Vanessa's Pattern Giveaway

My "A little birdie told me" post will be up in a few hours. 

Please know that I do realize that things happen and that people have their own things going on in their lives. I did not intend in any way to come off rude or insensitive. My goal with this post was to reach out to those that won recent giveaways & shed a bit of light on this situation with people in general as it happens often. If I can't reach you, then I can't give you your prizes.

edit #2
I used to do a separate "here is the winner post" and most of the time that didn't help much either. I would still end up contacting the person.

edit #3
I'm closing the comments on here as it's getting pretty repetitive.  As I said above "If I have their contact info... I'll take the time to contact them" End of story.  This post has 13 comments and two of them were left by people with no contact information.

Thank you to all of the winners who have contacted me in the last few days. I was waiting on six people and now I'm only waiting on two.

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robin said...

Hi! :) I follow a lot of blogs on Google Reader, and have had the good fortune of winning a few giveaways over the past several months. Almost every time I've won, I've gotten an e-mail informing me - I dare say every single time (though I read about the win on the blog in Google Reader, too). A lot of people might enter a giveaway without choosing to follow the blog if that's not a requirement for the giveaway. It really doesn't take that much time to shoot off an e-mail. But of course, on your blog, you have the choice of doing whatever you desire. That said, I find it odd that many commenters don't provide a way to contact them.

Jocelyn said...

Hi Julie, I am one of the winners of Vanessa's giveaway.

Staci said...
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Unknown said...

Julie - I'm with you 100% -

As I read it, you weren't saying that you don't contact winners, you were merely pointing out that if you enter a giveaway you should provide contact info, or at the very least make sure that you are not 'no reply' on your blogger profile - It's just good manners.

I had a giveaway on my little blog at the end of last year and despite several reminders on subsequent posts, the winner never contacted me. IF the winner had had any contact details whatsoever I would have been in touch.

If I enter a giveaway for a blog that I'm not necessarily following, I simply drag the link to the bookmarks toolbar on my browser and then once a week or so I go through them - it only takes a minute or two!

Blogging and crafty communities are based on collaboration and playing nice. If someone has taken the time to organise a giveaway then the least the entrants can do is check back - at some point -

Obviously family crises and life get in the way sometimes - that's a given - but this is not the norm - sometimes it's just that entrants don't know they are 'no reply' ... and they should do something about it, if they want something for nothing!

Loose Threads said...

I do try to check but I have yet to see Loose Threads as a winner on any blog - my luck in life I will keep trying!!!;-)

robin said...

Sorry - I missed what you said here: "If they don't contact me in a reasonable time I'll see if I have their contact info and I'll take the time to contact them" I should have read more carefully before commenting. :( I do love your blog, Julie - especially the binding tutorials you did recently - good stuff! So helpful. :)

Chef Mama Lori said...

I'm glad you posted this. I have NOT won anything on a fabric blog, but have won things in the past on stamping blogs. I think in every case there has been a NEW post with the winner listed, so I never would have known to go back to an older post to check. So, I went back & checked, JUST IN CASE I was a winner! LOL!

Rhonda the Rambler said...

Julie, may I make a suggestion? I follow your blog (and many others) and read each and every one of them. I entered the Pink Chalk give away but had NO idea you had selected a winner. We ALL have very busy lives and there is no way I could keep track of every giveaway. When post the winner at the bottom of an old post it is VERY difficult to find. Maybe people would respond more quickly if you posted a new blog (even a short one) with that winners name in it. Just a suggestion!

Jess @ Scrappy n Happy said...

I have to agree with Chef Mama Lori and Quilter in the Gap. A new post even just a short saying winners have been announced would be helpful. I too follow your awesome blog and didn't realise that the winners are just tacked onto the bottom of the original giveaway post.

Bronwyn said...

Hi Julie - I think I have won one of your prizes - maybe a banner pattern? My email is :
Whippet Good

Bronwyn said...

ps I only found out from someone telling me that I may have won something on the Robert Kaufman blog - if a raffle was held and you had the winning ticket, wouldn't you like to be told?

Lexi said...

I think you're right Julie.
If I won something I'd be shouting it from the trees!

Pamela said...

I understand your point however, I follow MANY blogs and frequently enter give-aways. I don't always remember what I've entered (obviously, MY problem!). I wouldn't think it would be too difficult to send an email to the winner.