Monday, February 14, 2011

She really is that funny.

A while ago one of my bloggy favorite people let me know she was coming to philly soon & asked if i'd be around to meet up. I said "sure" and then forgot about it for a while... then she e-mailed me last week to say she was coming this past weekend. 

Some backgroud... Audrie was one of the people who read & followed my blog before anyone really knew who I was & I've been reading Audrie's blog for a very long long time too. I was kinda nervous to meet her. Would she be as funny in person as her blog is? Would she think I was funny and still like me? I was nervous like it was an awkward blind first date... and I don't really get nervous.

Lucky for me she is just as funny... if not funnier in person.

We took random photos of each other while trying to patiently wait for her hubby & my friend Rachael to take our picture.

btw.... Notice I've got my knees bent and her boots have heels & I'm still miles taller...

After they stopped chatting... {Audrie's hubby is hilarious as well} they tried to take some photos of us.

 ...but we were too busy laughing and dancing to get a single serious shot.

oh well we had lots of fun!

Audrie... you SO need to come back to philly.
We have lots of more trouble to cause & cupcakes to find.

more photos can be found over at audrie's blog - blue is bleu

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Audrie said...

Aww! :) I had so much fun too! We're definitely coming back, and next time, I'm bringing a step stool... or have Steve lift me when we take pictures together :P

bethanndodd said...

How cool to finally meet eachother...I love when blogland meets real life :) Happy day!

Becky (My Fabric Obsession) said...

so fun to meet bloggy friends IRL. Too bad she couldn't stay for PMQG.

Marjorie's Busy Corner said...

That is so deserve this fun time with your friend...all the work you are doing and missing your family...I am really glad for you seem like a very sweet person..

Angela Nash said...

Hurray! I'm so glad you got a chance to hang out together. Looks like it was tons of fun!

tarabu said...

awesome - and it's true; meeting web-friends in real life really is like a blind date!

JustPlainLaine said...

There is nothing as special as a true friend. Glad you had fun!!!

Tiffany said...

I had no idea that such an awesome quilter lived so close to me - I'm in Delaware!

super fun that you got to meet your bloggy friend, looks like Urban Outfitters is the place to be :)

Lindsay said...

I stumbled across your blog through Google Reader a few weeks and I love your work! I just read your About Me page and saw that you went to Drexel. What a small world--I work there! I'm pretty new to quilting, but thanks for the inspiration!

Kim said...

Blogland......who knew we were gonna met such great people?

Its the best :0)

Happy Sewing

amy smart said...

So fun that you guys got to meet in real life! I think Audrie is hilarious too. Love the one of you guys laughing. :)