Saturday, February 19, 2011

The Basics Charity Challenge

Have you heard about the basics charity challenge?

It's based around a simple concept... help others.

I was raised in a family that taught volunteering from day one. My mom was, and still is, always doing things for other people. She taught me that when I didn't have money to donate that I could always give my time. For example... I'm a quilter & not a garment sewer... but once a year I give a day to help alter dresses as a part of Fairy Godmothers. When I have money to donate I do... but I always donate my time.

Cara of CaraQuilts was recently inspired by a simple sign. She could have gone about her day and forgot it but instead she decided to do something about it.  The result is "The basics charity challenge."

Please head over to Cara's blog to read her story that inspired this challenge. Her post also goes over the details of the prizes you could win that she has gathered from bloggers like myself in an effort to encourage you to join us in helping others.

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Marjorie's Busy Corner said...

Yes; I have already been there...I think it is very important to take part in anything like this...our ladies in my community always make quilts for those without....we do all sorts of things...send them well as our own areas...we even have showers for some of these things...keep up the good work..

Canadian Kristin said...

Good reminder!

bethanndodd said...

on my way over. 2 things i love are challenges and charity :)

Melody said...

Thanks Julie, It's amazing how those things can get away from us when we get tied up in our own lives

Sandy said...

Thanks Julie for always caring & sharing!

Kim said...

My girlfriend and I make quilts for QOV and I have also donated a few to a housing group in NYC that give them to folks just getting on their feet in a new home.
Giving is a great feeling and reminder of how blessed our own lives are.

Happy sewing and thanks for spreading the word.

Katie Z. said...

Thank you for the post. It was just what I needed to read (and then take action on!).