Sunday, August 15, 2010

sunday stash..wk33

i've been working on getting my studio in order... it was organized once..
but then got out of hand over the last few weeks.
because of that it's been hard to sew!!

well i can gladly say i'm 90% done getting it back in order
so i spent most of yesterday sewing again.
i missed it!


nada. zip.
{ crazy i know! }


 3.47 yards so far on some late night sewing

i should have it done & ready to show you in a few days!
fabric is...
Fresh Cottons by Fig Tree for Moda
and is available in my shop!

.4 yards on some giant 3" hexagons and black kona crush background

i should have posted this yardage out a few weeks ago
since i started these at the long beach quilt festival... but i forgot!
i worked on these in natalie's booth

now i'm using perle cotton to do a decorative running stitch around the hexagons.
once i finish the stitching i plan on making it into a pillow.
fabrics are...
Delilah / Zanzabelle / Cameroun by Alexander Henry
and black kona crush by robert kaufman

i also finished sewing all the units for karrie lyne's charm pack quilt a long
{ no yardage out since i counted it all last week }
i still have trimming to do...
fabrics are...
Remix by Ann Kelle {available now}
both from robert kaufman

so this week
zero in
3.87 out

YTD totals
purchased: 544.69 yds
busted: 358.6 yds
net: -186.09 yds

check out how everyone else did this week.
we are close to being 2/3 done with this year {crazy thought! }

oh and i apparently missed my 300th post.
if i can count right.
this one is 302.
happy belated 300!


mascanlon said...

Oh I do love the Fresh Cotton, I just ordered some more to go along with what I used on the hexagon quilt a long...I've decided to go big and need about 40 more blocks.I will end up Fresh cotton and Breakfast at Tiffany's. But nothing in this week except maybe 1/8 yd in the BOM that came. But nothing out either..quiet week with no sewing except a bunch of small hexagons that will end up on a table runner I think.

Sequana said...

I love those Fresh Cottons too. I'm using them in a star sampler quilt-a-long.

No matter how'd I like to, I just can't sew late at night. Errors abound.......:(

Stray Stitches (Linda G) said...

The Fresh Cotton is absolutley beautiful. Too bad I'm can't afford any more fabric at the moment. If you would like to check out my first giveaway, come take a look at

KarrieLyne said...

You wanna come clean my studio? Oh wait..I don't have one so I use my kitchen. Wanna come clean my kitchen? LOL!

Anxious to see that Remix quilt....and your Fig tree quilt...and your hexie pillow..oh my.. :D

Vicki ♥ said...

I dont have a studio either so dont have to worry about keeping it tidy lol. But I do have a little space in the lounge room. Happy 300th have a great blog and I look forward to the next 300 posts. :)

Mary on Lake Pulaski said...

Congratulations on 300 posts Julie! I'll be here for 300 more. Your late night sewing looks so very interesting and beautiful. Wonder what it is?

Kate said...

Love the hexagons on the black.

Angie said...

Happy Belated 300! I am looking forward to seeing your finished quilt.

natalie. beyond the reef said...

The hexagons - love them, and the big stitch too. Thanks for sharing. With those fabrics still in stock, I think I may have to cut some of the yardage for myself! AH and KonaCrush. Yummy.

Dresden Quilter said...

Love everything you are working on, as always. Can't wait to see more views of them.

Kaye Prince said...

Happy belated 300th post Julie! I always like it better when you bring fabric in...because then I get to drool over your pictures...haha ;)

Anonymous said...

i love what you are doing. it was great to meet you on skype. glad you are part of the fam now.

Tricia said...

Nothing in? No way! :) Love the huge hexes on the black kona crush...and if I can get my but in gear I'm going to check out Karrie Lyne's quilt along.