Tuesday, June 2, 2009

art star craft bazaar ... and project updates

on sunday i headed down to the art star craft bazaar down on penn's landing... there were a lot of amazing artists and it was hard to to spend a ton of money... i got some good stuff so i figured i'd share a few with you...

i got this charm pack of wool from giant dwarf

this fortune cookie t-shirt from day dream silkscreen

and this cute little girl's wrap dress made of full moon forest by eieio

i carried all my finds around in one of the bags i made at Betz White's make your own bag workshop at spool... it is a t-shirt... with some Neptune scraps to add some color... and hide a bad graphic

here is a mini table topper from leftover charms... its reversible!

so quick and easy... i'll be teaching it as a free demo in two weeks... details to come!

i'm in love with hexagons... here are all my pretty cuts of cider mill road... i'm going to use these to make sugar cookies from the moda bake shop site...
and here is my nine patch update... only 5 this past week.. that makes me at 24 total...



Sherri said...

Lots of goodies here...reversible hexagon table topper...can't wait to see it!

Brad Herman said...

I like the fortune cookie t-shirt

Thimbleanna said...

Ack! You're ahead of me on the nine patches! We've been so busy on the weekends -- I've got to get going on them. I love the little quilts you've been making -- your fabrics are all beautiful!

katie said...

OMG! i love the hexagons! teach me how to quilt! i've always wanted to learn. [[i emailed you at your email address in your profile about my embroidered note. if you use a different email, please let me know katiehaddox (at) gmail (dot) com ]]

really though.
teach me.