Friday, January 27, 2017

My Secrets to Piecing 60-Degree Triangles

Friday, January 27, 2017

For this tutorial I am going to show you how to sew 60-degree triangles together into pairs, then rows & then put the rows together. 

3 1/2" triangles are shown here. The concepts are the same for other size triangles cut from the Hex N More, Sidekick and Super Sidekick rulers. 

The triangles are all arranged with the blunt point up or down. 

Take the 2nd triangle and place it on top of the first, right sides together. 

Alignment is key. Make sure they are exactly on top of each other before sewing them together with a 1/4" seam. Press seams open.

Here is the sewn pair back together with the other triangles. 

After sewing the 1/4" seam, check to measure that it is accurate. 

I know this can feel tedious, but accuracy matters. Any mistake in seam allowances at this point will just compound as you continue with your project. 

If the seam is off, make adjustments with your machine or where you place the fabric to get it accurate. It is best to stop and correct any seam allowance issues now.

Repeat the steps with other pairs as shown. If your row has an odd number of triangles, just leave the last one as a single.

Next we will sew two sets together.

Flip the right set up and over on top of the left set as shown. Align the point of the 3rd triangle with the dog ear created from sewing the first set together.

Align the top right corner point of the 2nd triangle with the dog ear created from sewing the second set together.

Sew a 1/4" seam. Press the seams open.

Again check to measure that it is accurate.

Here are the sewn 4 triangles back together with the other triangles & sets.

Finish sewing together all of the sets and single triangles in each row.

Confirm that the points of each triangle are 1/4" in from the edge of the seam. This way they will be exactly where you want them to be once you start sewing rows together.

Place the two rows right sides together. Put a pin in at the exact point where the triangles meet.

Carefully push the pin through to the second piece where the triangles meet.

Your piece should look like this. Now put two pins in the piece as you would normally pin, one on either side of this straight pin. Be careful to make sure that you keep this pin perpendicular to the seam when adding the other two pins. Once those pins have been added you can remove this pin. 

Repeat at the other intersection of triangle points. Sew the two rows together with a quarter inch seam. Press open.

Now you have 6 triangles points that meet up perfectly!

Here's the back of my completed piece so that you can see where all of the seams are etc.

My finished piece measures 6 1/2" tall x 11" wide at the middle. 

Practice and accuracy are my secrets to making points match when sewing triangles and other 60-degree shapes. 

To learn more about how to add blunt points to 60-degree diamonds, check out my Sidekick Diamonds Tutorial.

To practice sewing with 60-degree triangles, check out my Picnic Placemat Tutorial.


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Saturday, December 31, 2016

Quilts I finished in 2016

Saturday, December 31, 2016
I found myself wanting to post my annual retrospective of quilts & pillows I finished in 2016. I did sew more quilt tops and blocks this year, but this post is just for the finished quilts of 2016. Here are the quilts/pillows/toppers I finished in 2016, a total of 53.
Star Wars Varsity Quilt - Finished 1/7/2016 

Sweetheart Table Topper - Finished 1/23/2016 

Sweetheart Table Topper in Pink fabrics of Tula Pink - Finished 2/14/2016

Firecracker in Natalie's HandMaker - Finished 2/22/2016 

Saltwater Glimmer Pillow - Finished 2/25/2016 

Set Sail in True Colors - Finished 3/14/2016 

Trail Mix in Angela's Fabric - Finished 3/16/2016 

Sprinkles - Baby Stars in Sew fabric from Moda - Finished 3/19/2016 

Trail Mix in Dear Stella - Finished 3/19/2016 

Uppercase Gazebo Table Topper - Finished 4/5/2016 

Kona Solids Gazebo Table Topper - Finished 4/5/2016 

Highlight Rock Candy - Finished 4/6/2016 

Carkai Gazebo Table Topper - Finished 4/6/2016 

Set Sail in Slow & Steady - Finished 4/10/2016 

Set Sail Topper in True Colors - Finished 4/25/2016

Kona  Set Sail - Finished 5/12/2016 

Tigerfish Night Sky - Finished 5/13/2016

Van Gogh Sprinkles - Finished 5/13/2016

Gamer Quilt for Lawrence - Finished 6/29/2016

Quilts for Pulse #1 - Finished 6/30/2016 

Quilts for Pulse #3 - Finished 7/18/2016 

Quilts for Pulse #2 - Finished 7/19/2016 

Minions Quilt - Finished 7/20/2016

Quilts for Pulse #4 - Finished 7/25/2016 

Navy Dot Party - Finished 7/29/2016
Aqua Dot Party - Finished 8/8/2016
Green Dot Party - Finished 8/8/2016

Kona Hightlight Mini Quilt - Solar Gravity - Finished 8/15/2016 

Quilts for Pulse #5 - Finished 8/29/2016 

Cinnamon Bun Cover - Atlas - Another Point of View - Finished 9/15/2016 

Glazed Donuts - Valori Wells Jasmine - Finished 9/21/2016 

August Stars in V&Co Spectrum - Finished 9/24/2016 

Comet in Fig Tree - Coney Island - Finished 10/7/2016 

Lucky Charm Pillow in Carolyn Friedlander - Finished 10/11/2016 

Glazed Donuts in Fancy Feathers 2 Artisan Batiks for RK - Finished 10/12/2016

August Stars in Verna by Freespirit - Finished 10/13/2016 

Lucky Charm Pillow in Zen Chic Modern Background Luster - Finished 10/14/2016 

Lucky Charm Pillow in Fig Tree Coney Island 1 - Finished 10/14/2016 

Lucky Charm Pillow in Fig Tree Coney Island 2 - Finished 10/14/2016 

Cinnamon Bun Atlas - Another Point of View #2 - Finished 10/15/2016 

Lucky Charm Pillow in Uppercase - Finished 10/15/2016 

Lucky Charm Pillow in Zen Chic - True Blue - Finished 10/15/2016 

Lucky Charm Pillow in Kate Spain Early Bird10/19/2016 

Comet Youth in Fig Tree 2 - Coney Island - Finished 10/20/2016 

Comet in Tula Pink Tabby Road - Finished 10/22/2016 

Lucky Charm Pillow in Valori Wells Jasmine - Finished 10/24/2016 

Lucky Charm Pillow in V&Co Spectrum - Finished 10/24/2016 

Lap size Comet in Tula Pink Tabby Road - Finished 10/26/2016 

Cinnamon Bun in Assorted Carolyn Friedlander - Finished 10/28/2016 

Candy Dish - Pantone Green Pillow - Finished 12/15/2016 

Glimmer for Tracy - Finished 12/25/2016
I can't wait to see what I'll sew & finish in 2017. Happy New Year!!

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