Monday, July 18, 2011

Long Beach Quilt Festival

Monday, July 18, 2011
The Long Beach Quilt Festival is one of my favorite retail shows.  I attended it in 2009 & 2010 and almost wasn't going to make it this year.... but at the last moment flight prices dropped enough for me to book a ticket!! {It also means I get to spend a few days with Elijah!}

International Quilt Festival - Long Beach
July 29-31, 2011
Long Beach, California
Long Beach Convention & Entertainment Center

I've met some amazing quilting celebrities and friends at LBQF.

Two years ago I met Sandy Klop for the first time.  

I also met ModaLissa in 2009

...and the famous Natalie of Beyond the Reef

Other amazing people I met at LBQF in 2009...
Alissa of Handmade by Alissa, The Modern Quilt Guild & Author of Block Party!
Jake Finch of Generation Q Magazine
Eleanor Burns
Gina Halladay
and many many more!

I also made new friends & quilt family in 2010.


Come visit Beyond the Reef in Booth #937!
All my patterns will be there along with some new samples of them.


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Unknown said...

Lucky Duck! Enjoy it all, especially Elijah!

Jocelyn said...

Wow! What fun!

mascanlon said...

Looking forward to seeing you and Natalie and the new samples. Now that the baby is 2mo old and most of the nursery sewing is done I can get back to somethings too. And hugs for Elijah and Aliyah too!

Sinta Renee said...

Have a great time... and take lots of pictures!

~Michelle~ said...

Wish I could pop by! I'm out of town for a wedding, so I'm missing the entire show weekend!

Denise in PA said...

Fun, Fun, Fun! Can't wait for a recap - hopefully with lots of pictures!!

Cindy said...

I'll be there....hope to run into you. Will you be at that booth? said...

I'm going too. Maybe we can say hello.

Janet said...

Oh good ... I wanted to pick up a couple of your patterns!

Angela Nash said...

So much fun - I can just picture you two with fabric all around and fruity drinks in your hands talking quilting to anyone who cares to join in!

And hurray for fun time with Elijah.

bethanndodd said...

I would visit if I could! Have fun!

Mary said...

I sure wish I could go! PS - I enjoy all the "stuff" on your blog.

Vicky said...

I'll see you there. Save a hug for me!!!!!

Bennett and Graves said...

We love the girls from Beyond the Reef and what a great choice they've made if they are offering your patterns.

Unknown said...

My new favorite quote is from "Rolling in the deep" by Adelle. She sings "Trow your soul into every open door, count your blessing to find what you look for"
I think you have done this already, congatulations.

Denny1600 said...

I'm planning to be there, too! I'll visit their booth. I'll keep my eyes peeled for you.

ButtonMad said...

we are there already! ;-) please do pop by and say hi - booth 1746. will keep an eye out for you. have fun!