Saturday, December 31, 2016

Quilts I finished in 2016

I found myself wanting to post my annual retrospective of quilts & pillows I finished in 2016. I did sew more quilt tops and blocks this year, but this post is just for the finished quilts of 2016. Here are the quilts/pillows/toppers I finished in 2016, a total of 53.
Star Wars Varsity Quilt - Finished 1/7/2016 

Sweetheart Table Topper - Finished 1/23/2016 

Sweetheart Table Topper in Pink fabrics of Tula Pink - Finished 2/14/2016

Firecracker in Natalie's HandMaker - Finished 2/22/2016 

Saltwater Glimmer Pillow - Finished 2/25/2016 

Set Sail in True Colors - Finished 3/14/2016 

Trail Mix in Angela's Fabric - Finished 3/16/2016 

Sprinkles - Baby Stars in Sew fabric from Moda - Finished 3/19/2016 

Trail Mix in Dear Stella - Finished 3/19/2016 

Uppercase Gazebo Table Topper - Finished 4/5/2016 

Kona Solids Gazebo Table Topper - Finished 4/5/2016 

Highlight Rock Candy - Finished 4/6/2016 

Carkai Gazebo Table Topper - Finished 4/6/2016 

Set Sail in Slow & Steady - Finished 4/10/2016 

Set Sail Topper in True Colors - Finished 4/25/2016

Kona  Set Sail - Finished 5/12/2016 

Tigerfish Night Sky - Finished 5/13/2016

Van Gogh Sprinkles - Finished 5/13/2016

Gamer Quilt for Lawrence - Finished 6/29/2016

Quilts for Pulse #1 - Finished 6/30/2016 

Quilts for Pulse #3 - Finished 7/18/2016 

Quilts for Pulse #2 - Finished 7/19/2016 

Minions Quilt - Finished 7/20/2016

Quilts for Pulse #4 - Finished 7/25/2016 

Navy Dot Party - Finished 7/29/2016
Aqua Dot Party - Finished 8/8/2016
Green Dot Party - Finished 8/8/2016

Kona Hightlight Mini Quilt - Solar Gravity - Finished 8/15/2016 

Quilts for Pulse #5 - Finished 8/29/2016 

Cinnamon Bun Cover - Atlas - Another Point of View - Finished 9/15/2016 

Glazed Donuts - Valori Wells Jasmine - Finished 9/21/2016 

August Stars in V&Co Spectrum - Finished 9/24/2016 

Comet in Fig Tree - Coney Island - Finished 10/7/2016 

Lucky Charm Pillow in Carolyn Friedlander - Finished 10/11/2016 

Glazed Donuts in Fancy Feathers 2 Artisan Batiks for RK - Finished 10/12/2016

August Stars in Verna by Freespirit - Finished 10/13/2016 

Lucky Charm Pillow in Zen Chic Modern Background Luster - Finished 10/14/2016 

Lucky Charm Pillow in Fig Tree Coney Island 1 - Finished 10/14/2016 

Lucky Charm Pillow in Fig Tree Coney Island 2 - Finished 10/14/2016 

Cinnamon Bun Atlas - Another Point of View #2 - Finished 10/15/2016 

Lucky Charm Pillow in Uppercase - Finished 10/15/2016 

Lucky Charm Pillow in Zen Chic - True Blue - Finished 10/15/2016 

Lucky Charm Pillow in Kate Spain Early Bird10/19/2016 

Comet Youth in Fig Tree 2 - Coney Island - Finished 10/20/2016 

Comet in Tula Pink Tabby Road - Finished 10/22/2016 

Lucky Charm Pillow in Valori Wells Jasmine - Finished 10/24/2016 

Lucky Charm Pillow in V&Co Spectrum - Finished 10/24/2016 

Lap size Comet in Tula Pink Tabby Road - Finished 10/26/2016 

Cinnamon Bun in Assorted Carolyn Friedlander - Finished 10/28/2016 

Candy Dish - Pantone Green Pillow - Finished 12/15/2016 

Glimmer for Tracy - Finished 12/25/2016
I can't wait to see what I'll sew & finish in 2017. Happy New Year!!

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kitty said...

Impressive, Julie!! Not only because of the quantity (almost one a week!!), but also by the quality! So many beautiful quilts, pillows and table toppers!
I hope 2017 will be a very happy, a healthy and a very successful year for you and for Lawrence and all your loved ones!!
Best wishes from the Netherlands!

Sandy said...

Awesome creativity Julie! A very accomplished year! Kudos!!

mascanlon said...

Wow! I now you are always busy but it's so impressive to see it all together.happy New Years to you and Law! Time for a sew day or lunch date!

claire said...

WOW! This bunch of quilts is so special. My buttons would be bursting if I could make 1 or 2 that are this fabulous!

Kathryn said...

Very prolific. Firecracker is still one of my favorites. I think I need to make another in 2017. I made several quilts for Pulse also, and yours reminded me of that effort. Best of 2017 to you. I look forward to your new work.

Penny said...

What a busy girl you've been, Julie. I wish I had finished that many. You've inspired me to go back and look at exactly what I have finished this past year. I know I've started a lot of new ones. :)

Happy quilting!

Karen said...

Whoop! Whoop! What a wonderful collection of beautiful cozyness! Happy New Year!

judygold said...

Wow! You have been busy! Thanks for the inspiration from the Star Wars quilt. I am thinking about making a similar quilt for my grandson.

Unknown said...

Hi Julie,

Love the tutorial on sewing 60° angles together with a greater degree of precision. This lesson is very valuable for quilting and everyday sewing to make an average quilt a spectacular quilt. Details, like the ones you explain, matter a lot!

This is a great (much needed) review tutorial. I like the clarity you use in explaining your technique to achieve perfect points and general perfection. Love your quilts and your sense of design.