Friday, July 30, 2010

i heart hexagons

not that it is a secret or anything!
now that the hexagon quilt a long is over
it's back to some hand piecing!
i work on my hexies from time to time... but whether it was the world cup... the hexie flickr pool.. or something else... hexies seem to be all the rage this summer in blog land!
and i love it!

i missed out on round one... but i wasn't gonna miss round two!
here are the hexies i made for my secret partner

fabrics are from Celebrate Seuss! and The Cat in the Hat fabric collections
from robert kaufman... both due in shops in september!

as a cute stack when i had half of them done

a closeup of my favorite one
{ i fussy cut a few of the fabrics }
now i just need to make a holder for them...

here is a photo from back in sept...
of a project that never got finished
{ life gets in the way sometimes! }
but... i did take step by step photos back then
so i'll post them soon & show you tips on how i make hexies
and show you a bit more of this still yet to be finished project!

i have a growing hex charm project
made all from scraps... no duplicates

the back shows that i use paper hexies
and plastic ones...
i like the plastic ones better... i'll tell you all about them when i show my step by step photos

a pile waiting to be added to the other hexies

a pile cut and ready to be worked on during my flight yesterday
{ i didn't get too many done.. but i did make progress! }

and a set already started

i came up with a plan for my giant hexagons
{ 3" sides and 6" across}
fabrics are...
Urban Zoologie by Ann Kelle {available now}
Urban Circus by Laurie Wisbrun {available in august}
both from robert kaufman

after auditioning them on a lot of different solids

my plan is to make a simple whole cloth quilt
with a vertical stripe of hexagons
{ the wind did not make taking pictures easy... }

but you get the idea

oh and head on over to the swatch & stitch
robert kaufman's blog..
to see a video of me!

Thursday, July 29, 2010

la fabric district

yesterday my sister in law took me to the fabric district...
because one can never have enough fabric :-)
{ but it can be a challenge fitting it in your luggage to get home! }

 my favorite shop
{ that i visit on every trip to la now! }

 rows and rows of yummyness

including lots of colors of kona solids

lots and lots...

i got some kona chartreuse to go with remix charm packs
for karrielyne's charm pack quilt a long

i also snagged some echino since they had a nice big assortment
{ the biggest i've seen in an actual shop }

obviously not quilting fabrics... but they were shiny & pretty so i snapped a pic

a yummy wall of zippers in one shop...

i spotted some castle peeps...
and added a bit more to my stash so i can finish my project for castle peeps summer camp

but the find of the day...
four bolts of neptune!
 { yes i bought it all.. everything they had in all 4 colors }
{ no plans to swap or sell at this time... if that changes i'll let you know! }

off to the airport for me...
{ pray they let me on with all my luggage!! }

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

city quilts blog tour winners!!

the city quilts blog tour was so much fun!!
thank you to everyone who visited all the blogs & who entered to win here on my blog by telling me your favorite kona color... boy do a lot of you love grey!

and now for the winners...

the winner of the city quilts book is....

Christina said...

I'm a little crazy for yellows and I like Kona Cheddar. Cherry's designs are so captivating. I'd like her to adopt me too!

the winner of the kona solids color card is....

TheaM said...

"My biggest challenge is to persevere through the boredom, and get the project done." could have been MY answer to that question!

I'm currently working on a sampler using Lagoon, Daffodil and Surf.
but my all time favorite is the PFD white - I can run that through my printer and have any color I want... sort of! 

Serously, I could really use that new color card - mine is a decade or two out of date!


the winner of the fat quarter bundle is....

Sharon S said...

I guess me favorite color right now is dark blue. I make patriotic quilts for American Hero Quilts & it's amazing what a litte(or a lot) of blue can do for a quilt!

please contact me so i can get your prizes to you!!

giveaways going on in blogland... wk30 {ended}

do you read this list all the time & wonder how to get your giveaway listed?
it's easy!!
send me and e-mail... it's best if you send it to me over the weekend or monday... so i have time to get it into tuesday's post when it posts.  i can't promise all giveaways sent to me will be listed... but i try & list as many as i can each week!

all giveaways from this week have ended!

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Sunday, July 25, 2010

sunday stash..wk30

i've been in LA most of the week
so not too much out.. since i haven't gotten the chance to sew much
but a few yummy things in.. because i am at a quilt show after all!


2 yards of some kona solids
1 yard of some polka dots

sweet honey bun
sweet jelly roll
& wonderland honey bun

echino half yard cuts

amy butler dots

3 yards of anna maria horner's voile!

neptune & flutterby!!

& a scrap bag... that had city weekend in it

 yummy selvages!!


i sold my pure fat quarter bundle & my bliss flannels from market
i still have a few yummy things from my stash available in the shop

.13 for dr. seuss hexagons on flickr for the flickr hexie swap

.44 for giant urban circus & urban zoologie hexagons on flickr

0.36 on a sad sad attempt at a cathedral window block
and .48 for binding on two quilts

so this week
24.92 in
12.91 out

YTD totals
purchased: 499.19 yds
busted: 348.95 yds
net: -150.24 yds

Friday, July 23, 2010

spiderweb potholders tutorial


if you are in the socal area.. come visit today at the long beach international quilt festival!
i'll be doing demos of circle around today... and hexagons & potholders tomorrow!
hope to see you!!


1. ruler

and or...

2. insulbright
3. batting
4. 4 fat quarters
5. 1/2 yard for binding
6. scraps for corners of square potholders

cutting directions to make 6 potholders from 4 fat quarters
1. cut six 1 1/2" strips WOF {aprx 21"} from each fat quarter.   
2. cut six backings from remaining fat quarters   { 10" x 11" for hexagon potholders } or { 10" x 10" for square potholders }
3. cut six pieces of batting to match your six backings.
4. cut six pieces of insulbright to match your six backings.
5. cut six binding strips WOF {most people cut at 2.5" but I cut at 2.25"} more info in my binding tutorial

Hexagon Spiderweb Potholders

1. sew one of each color strip as cut above and sew together with 1/4" seam allowance.  Press all seams in one direction.  To maximize the amount of units you can cut from your strip I suggest sewing them as shown like stairs.  {My offset is only about 1/2" each time}

2. Cut 6 triangles from your strip with the 60 Degree Double-Strip Creative Grids Ruler.  More detailed photos shown here.

3. In step one I told you to press the seams towards the dark fabric.  This is where that comes in handy.  You'll be able to "nest" your seams together to match points.  Put two triangles together and sew a 1/4" seam.
press this seam open.  Repeat to add one more triangle.  You'll have half a hexagon together.  Repeat for the other half.  This should be your result.

4. Put your two halves together and pin at each seam.  {I don't pin often but it really helps with this project.}

5. This will be your result.

6. Layer backing wrong side up, insulbright, batting, and finished hexagon or square.  Pin layers together and quilt.

7. Trim excess batting, insulbright and backing.... and bind!

Square Spiderweb Potholders

1.  Sew strips as shown above in step one.  Cut 8 triangles with 45 Degree Kaleidoscope Double-Strip Creative Grids Ruler.

2.  Using your scrap cut a 3 1/4" strip.  The ruler has a 3 1/4" mark on it so that you can make this kaleidoscope block with just one ruler!

3.  Sub cut into 2 squares that are 3 1/4"

4. Cut both on the diagonal to yield four triangles.

5. Take your eight triangles and put them in two piles of four with all of the same color in each pile.

6. Sew together into four pairs.  Press seams open.

7. Then sew the pairs together into halves... and then sew the halves together to put all eight pieces together.  {see photo in step 8}

8.  Arrange triangles from step 4 around your spiderweb.

9. Flip the triangles onto the spiderweb RST and pin in place.

10.  Sew in place with a 1/4" seam.  I press towards the triangles unless they are light.. like in this case and then I press in towards the spiderweb

then follow steps 6 & 7 from hexagon directions to finish your potholder!

four fat quarters... plus binding fabric {and scrap for corners}
easily makes 6 potholders... in either style!


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{144 x 144}



© 2010-2022 Julie R. Herman. All rights reserved.
No part of this tutorial or pattern may be reproduced without written consent of Jaybird Quilts. 
Items from this pattern may not be produced for commercial resale.