Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Alphabet Soup Bonus Blocks - Alternate Block I

I hope that you’ve been enjoying Alphabet Soup!
I've got an alternate version to the Alphabet Soup Block "I" that I made available as a free bonus block for the book.

I'm working on some Alphabet Soup projects of my own this summer. While I was planning them out I found that I wasn't loving the letter "I" as I had designed it for the book.  

When I saw the "I" on pillows or letter tiles I wanted it to have the baseline and the cap height serif. You can see the new "I" here in the first row & the original "I" from Alphabet Soup in the second row.

I still really like the original "I" in words when it's used in quilts & table runners. I'm really happy with how it looks in this quilt that I made using the Alphabet Soup book. 

And now I'm loving how the new Alternate Block I looks when it's used for pillows, letter tiles, & tote bags. 

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