Wednesday, October 28, 2009

wip wednesday... its been a long day.

remember this?

now it looks like this...

and a finished 96x96 queen quilt top.
don't ask why i made it so big.
please don't.
one day i'll tell you... but not today.
edit --> {i didn't use a pattern.. it's my design.. and getting published.. which is why i can't show it to you yet!}
anyway its late.
the phillies are playing...
and i'm tired.

& first thing in the morning i'll be driving this top over to kim pope...
because as much as i love to quilt my own work...
96 x 96 scares me...
& this one is important...
so i'm gonna leave it to a pro...
{thank you again kim for squeezing me in!!}

more market pics tomorrow...

Monday, October 26, 2009

market post #1 - schoolhouse & sample spree

i know i'm behind..
but hey i've only been home a week!
i was crazy to do 2 shows in a row.. but PIQF was great!

so here we go!!

market post #1 - schoolhouse & sample spree

Patty Young presented Mod Kid & the next gen sewist...
now i wish i had someone to make these for.. soo cute!


first came the single strip rulers...
& now she has come out with the double strip ones!!

there are four in each set... and they are absolutely fantastic!
more info about them coming soon...
tutorial style!!

the lovely checker ladies playing vanna..
that is Penny Haren on the right... i also got to do a class with Penny.. she rocks... i'll post about her class soon... thank you Penny!!

rachel {psiquilt} even has a quilty crush on rachel cross...


Edyta Sitar of Laundry Basket Quilts talked about triangle swaps & her new book...

Friendship Triangles: 15 Beautiful Quilting Projects, Triangle Exchange Ideas, Easy, Step-By-Step Technique will be out at the end of November

she was joined by many of the moda designers who each made a quilt using 1/2 square triangles from moda fabrics...
Barb & Mary of Me & My Sister were explaining why as a team they had the smallest quilt... and after being picked on by some of the other designers for the challenge of working with their bright fabric... they commented on how hard it was to work with "mud!"


the editors of the american patchwork & quilting family of magazines had the last slot...
& thanked us for hanging in there all day.
it didn't hurt that they had a ton of really good cookies to offer us when we walked in!!

here is editor Jennifer Keltner talking about their new 1 million pillowcase challenge
while Jennifer talked a sewing contest started... two teams rushing to make pillowcaases...
one was lead by Elizabeth Tisinger & the other by Jill Mead...
Elizabeth even took her slipper off to have better foot control... she meant business!

sew... iron... & then ring the bell for each finished pillowcase...

& then Lisa Schumacher {who is the online editor} would run them over & add them to the clothesline...
it was a lot of fun!
they will be coming out with lots of free pillowcase patterns to encourage people to join in!


then came sample spree...
i had heard the stories
& seen the photos
but nothing compares to being there..

here is sheri once we had the freckleberry farm booth set up...
things went fast... sheri's booth happened to be across from moda's..
which gave me a great view of the insanity that was to come...

i had to take a pic of these ladies... they made ties from wonderland & jackets from the eclectic wovens... its an older line but one that i adore.. they were so sweet!!
btw... they are standing in front of Emily of Carolina Patchworks's booth...
more about Emily to come...

so here is one of the many stacks of boxes of moda yummyness about to be unpacked...

stacks of yummyness being unpacked...

the people start coming...
and then the masses...

here is a view of the rest of sample spree...

one of the new fantastic things from moda is this... the bake shop sampler box...
2.5" squares of 12 of the new lines!
they are resting on the charms made by Missy of the Vintage Butterfly... we made a trade... i gave her one of the bake shop boxes i bought at sample spree for some charms made from it.. she said they are on the way... so i'll show them soon!

post #2 & so on coming soon!!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

quiltmaker is doing a giveaway!

i'm trying to catch up on blogs..

& i just discovered that Carolyn is doing a giveaway on Quiltmaker Magazine's Blog!!

you can win a copy of Edyta's new book as well as autographed 1/2 sq triangles from a slew of moda designers!!

Edyta & Carolyn
{picture from quiltmaker's blog}

so go enter the giveaway!!

you only have till noon MST tomorrow to enter... so that is about 22 hours from right now {when i'm posting...}

i didn't enter because i was lucky enough to snag a copy of the book from Edyta @ market... so spread the word & go enter!!

good luck!!!



there is also 2 days left to bid on this beauty made by Laurie Simpson...

you can read about it on Minick & Simpson's blog...

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

wip wednesday... behind on...

um just about everything..

did you know that when you have over 1000 unread posts in google reader it stops counting & just says 1000+ ??
well it does.
it's crazy how many posts accumulate in 12 days of being away...
so if i usually read your blog.. i'll be back.. just give me a bit of time to dig through the 1000+ posts.

i only took 2 suitcases...
so why do i have 5 loads of laundry to do?

i don't think i've ever eaten out so much in my life!
best thing we did was go to the market... got a case of water, chips, apples, cookies... and some other snacks...
but still ate out a lot..
and came home.. to an almost empty fridge...
so food shopping needs to happen...

don't even try to guess how long this list is...
i need to clean my studio {i left it looking like a tornado had come to visit}
sort & put away all my purchases & goodies from market/PIQF
and get back to sewing!
i haven't been away from my babies {machines} this long since i started sewing!!
i sent them in for service while i was away & i'm going to pick them up in a few hours...

first on the list...
i've got about a week to finish a queen size quilt from Nature's Notebook
gotta love deadlines!!
i can't show it to you yet... but when i can... you are gonna love it!!!

oh and market pictures..
are sooo coming.
just gimmie a few minutes {days} to sort them


i'm just a few away from 100 posts!!
& that means giveaway..
i think i brought a few extra things back from market i can share..
so come back soon!

Sunday, October 18, 2009

itty bitty poochie bags

i thought monica's itty bitty poochie bags were sooo cute that i just had to make one...

and then we thought that you might want to... so natalie, jane & i whipped up some kits to have in the booth @ PIQF today! each kit makes 8 poochie bags... the fabric is spooktacular by sanae for moda and is sooo cute!!

after PIQF they will be available on natalie's site for a limited time!

i hope you think they are just as cute as i think they are!!

ok.. off to the booth i go... #508.. last day of the show!

Friday, October 16, 2009

PIQF day one

our day started with room service...
the banana pancakes are soo good!!
Natalie's booth ready to go!
you can visit us @ PIQF 508 through Sunday
beyond the reef
{natalie & jane doing last minute touches}

my new best quilting buddy...
i gave her a challenge...
once she finishes it i'll share all the pictures!

isn't this the best bag???
totally cracked me up!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

wip its still wednesday here. {PST}

i'm in cali!!

i got here to san jose safe and sound..
much later than planned last night..
due to flight delays

my super amazing brother drove in crazy LA traffic to spend 20 minutes with me at the airport. he took this pic to send to our parents... since they don't often get to see their kids in the same place at the same time... he even brought snacks & took some more of my market goodies to ship home for me.

so back to wip wednesday...
booth before...

& during...

finished pics to come soon!!
{& more market ones.. i promise}

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

i'm alive.

i am...
i meant to blog more.
i had good intentions.
but lots of distractions.

i'm behind on e-mails..

& blogs... google reader is about to tip the 4 digit point.

and now i'm off to california
yes you read that right.
to help natalie @ PIQF

so blogging may be just as slow.
but once i'm home..
i'll catch you all up on the hundreds of pictures
and stories..

for now..
a few photos..
{so many more to come!}

botany by lauren & jessi jung
their site has lots of goodies.. check it out.

plume by tula pink

martinique by 3 sisters

eleanor did a book signing for skinny quilts & table runners 2

new french general from kari

kari doing a book signing for her new book
laundry basket by edyta sitar

and lastly.. rachel ran out of buisness cards
{so many people ask you for them.. all the time!}
so she started writing her info on the back of mine when asked..

at the end she was really tired..
and didn't realize
that she wrote "p.s. i quit"...
we were laughing non-stop...

enjoy whatever you are working on.. and ill be back soon!

Saturday, October 10, 2009

beth..mark... & jen

day #2 was great!
met some great people.. saw some great stuff...

{here are a few...}

beth hayes & mark lipinski
my love for mccalls & mark lipinski

jen.. aka tula pink!! live & in person.
i gotta say that she by far is the nicest & humblest "name" i've ever met in my life.
she also has the cutest mom ever!

a few tula past posts...

Friday, October 9, 2009

friday @ market...

it's late.
we are beat.
so some pics..
and not much text...
i've got 300+ pics to sort & edit...
i'll share... once i'm not so sleep deprived.

rachel... lissa... me... & vickie

outlaw... with the rocking new bake shop box!!

rachel... vickie... & me @ sample spree .. via FQS twitpic

vickie... me... angela... & rachel... @ sample spree

my quilts hanging up in moda's booth!!
concrete garden... and square city!!
i'm a happy girl.
a tired one.
but a happy one.