Tuesday, January 31, 2012

CHA - Craft & Hobby Association Show

Yesterday I went to the CHA Winter Trade Show.  The CHA {Craft & Hobby Association} Winter show is going on right now in Anaheim... and since I live within driving distance I decided to check it out.

side note... blogging from my old PC laptop vs. my lovely mac desktop.... not even close!
So i apologize for the lack of photo editing & adding of detailed captions.  More photos & info to come... but here is a peek at some of what I saw.

Ashley of Little Blue Boo
love this girl. love her spirit.

Mod Podge

Dear Lizzy
{took this photo just for you rachel}

Love their binders!

Swaggerdoodle - They have an amazing frame that I'm planning to get a few of.

 Anna Griffin

Ali Edwards

Basic Grey

Creative Crafts Group

Duck Tape... covered chairs!

Heidi Swapp

French General has scrapbook & paper supplies now too!

I even made a quilt block in the I Love to Create Bloggers Lounge

 The supplies...

My block.
...No Day But Today!

more soon!

...today I'm headed to Sew Modern to take a class from Anna Maria Horner... it'll be nice to be a student for the day!

I'm in LA all week... so if it takes me longer than usual to get back to e-mails that's why!  I mean really... would you be responding to e-mails or playing with this little one?... and her brother who is busy playing a game on his iPad...
Aliyah @ 21 Months

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Sunday, January 29, 2012

Hanging Sleeves

I like to hang quilts around my house.  One of the easiest ways to do this is with a hanging sleeve.  I used to make my own sleeves until I discovered the pre-made sleeves from Quilters Hangup.

The sleeves are pleated which means that once they are hanging on a rod the front will still stay flat.  Not sure what I mean?  Check out the comparison photos on their website

The sleeves come in pack that is 3 yards long.  You can cut it apart and create a few sleeves for small quilts at the same time.  I suggest cutting it about 1" narrower than your quilt width & attaching it 3/4" to 1" from the top of your finished quilt.  The pleated part needs to be placed facing out & then the sleeve can be hand stitched in place.  Be careful & make sure your stitched only go through the backing and batting and not the quilt top as you don't want them to show on the front.  Full directions are available on Quilters Hangup

This shows how the pleat will enable the quilt to stay flat.

Here is the back after stitching it in place.

...and here it is hanging on the wall!

I used the same methods to create a sleeve for the mini-quilt that Rachel made me.  For small quilts like this one and my Jaybird Quilts sign above I used 3/8" dowel rods.  I get them at Home Depot & cut them down to the width of the quilt.

Since I frequently change my mind & want to move things I avoid using nails unless I really need to.  Larger quilts will probably need them due to weight, but these were both small enough to use Command Hooks.  I've found that the Command Adhesive Mini Hooks & the Command Adhesive Micro Utility Hooks both work great for hanging mini quilts.

So grab one of those mini-quilts you have sitting around... add a sleeve & hang it up!

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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

My Tula Pink Inspired Room - Part 2

My room is almost done!  In part one I showed you the paint colors, some of my new furniture & accessories.  Last week I showed you my new quilt top that will eventually be the quilt for my bed in this room.  Well now I have most of it done so I figured I'd share an update!

These shelf/basket combo pieces came from Home Goods.  When I bought them I had planned on painting them white or coral, but now I think I might leave them as is for a while.  I hung the quilt Rachel gave me and added a few accessories.

 The birds I've had for a while.  I think they came from JoAnns.  The candle was a recent present and smells quite yummy.  The candle holder was another Home Goods find.  {That place has so much good stuff!}

I'm still using a quilt as a temporary curtain... with giant ricrac as the tie back.

I traded the white shams for large 27" square navy ones.
{Pillow forms from local craft store & covers from Ikea}
I also added sheer white curtains above the bed & computer. {also from Ikea}

I wasn't sure where to store my DVDs.  I settled on hiding them behind my door on a slim iron dvd rack from the container store.

When my door is open you don't even know it is there.

My entertainment/storage part of the room is done.  The TV blends right in with the navy wall & when it isn't on you barely notice it.

I love the little boat but I'm not sold on it's location yet.  It actually has hardware on the back to be hung on the wall but I haven't decided where I want it.

The white piece has a ton of storage for all my photos and collectibles.  The tall pieces have glass doors which also helps protect everything.
1. Ceramics I made in High School
2. A photo of me & Lauren
3. A favorite childhood photo of me & my brother
4. A young photo of Elijah & A photo from my college graduation
5. Harry Potter Legos {you are never too old for legos}
6. Some of my M&M collectibles.  Did you know they made MLB M&M dispensers and candy?  I love my Phillies dispenser!

I used the 360 app on my phone to create this photo.  You can click on it to see it larger.

Just a few more finishing touches... and a quilted quilt & I'll be done!

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