Sunday, January 31, 2010

sunday stash..wk5

it's bad.
really bad.
i'm just gonna say
"it's all tula pink's fault"
{well mostly}

remember this photo from last week?
well it arrived...

3 yards of orange from american jane's recess line.
because i love her orange & it isn't in all her lines...

14.87 yards of neptune
11.75 of linen, solids, & kona crush
this is going to be my fabric for bee beautiful.
no idea what blocks yet... so i bought lots!

17.25 yards of hushabye
because one day i might actually have a kid.
and if i do this fabric will be gone.
so i bought it now... & it's going into long term storage. {aka the closet}

7 yards of amy butler's LOVE flannel.
no idea why.
i just couldn't put the bolts down.

and then plume arrived.
17 yummy yards of it.
it'll be chopped up this week... after i stare at it a bit more.

and sadly no yards out.
everything that was finished this week was counted last week.
was a bee block... & i'm not keeping track of that fabric in & out.

so this week
70.87 in
zero out

YTD totals
purchased: 160.57 yds
busted: 28.86 yds
net: -131.71 yds

i'll recover.

Friday, January 29, 2010

play school quilt

i've got a new quilt over @ the bake shop today!

oh & i was asked once how i hang my quilts on the fence.
this is how... binder clips... specifically my vera bradley ones work best.

i've been having lots of fun playing with the canon rebel my brother lent me with a 50 f/1.8
still have lots to learn... but it's fun!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

late night wip wednesday

better late than never right?

i'm busy working on a new bake shop project for you...

which will be on the site this friday...

as long as i get this binding done tonight!
so later!

{thanks for all the love on me getting published... i'll catch up on e-mail soon!!}

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

i've been published in a magazine!

i've been waiting for this day for what feels like forrrreeevvver...
and it's finally here!!

my quilt... my crazy idea that started out half the size... with no borders... & really came from the thought of a baseball diamond... came to life... at a HUGE 96x96 & now is in print!

pinch me. really.
fabric = Nature's Notebook by April Cornell for Moda Fabrics

i designed this quilt back in september & now it's in the march/april issue of quiltmaker magazine! ...which is gonna be hitting your mailbox & newsstands soon!!

this quilt was made in record time.
i designed it with prints & wovens... unaware that the wovens weren't in production yet... eek!
luckily carolyn @ quiltmaker pushed my deadline back a week.
lissa & carolyn @ moda shipped the fabric overnight as soon as it came in.
i worked for 2 days straight to finish piecing it.
& then raced over to have kim pope quilt it in a day.
& had one morning left to bind it.
and it was off!

this was one of the few photos i got of it before i had to ship it...
{see the fall leaves}

now it's back home with me!
{i've been waiting to talk about this september! it was hard but i only blogged about it twice. here & here}

as you know i usually quilt my own work.
but time restraints... and size led me to call in the pros.
kim quilted this in a day with less than a week's notice!
thank you again!!

sometimes i still can't believe this is real.

i'm also guest blogging over @ quilty pleasures today.
it's quiltmaker mag's blog
go check it out.
hint. giveaway. hint.

edit: fyi i ordered a bunch of copies & they will be listed in the etsy shop once they arrive!
edit #2: if you buy the mag from my etsy shop & want it signed... no problem

Monday, January 25, 2010

lunch with john langdon

tomorrow i'm off to have lunch with this guy.
you know.. the typography genius that robert langdon was based off of in Angels & Demons and the DaVinci Code...

i blogged about him way back when i started my blog.
& very few people read it.
so go read the post.

{he happens to have been my professor in college}

oh.. & come back tomorrow.
big news.
really big.
i promise.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

leaf table runner... check it out.

lauren {of lauren + jessi jung}
just posted the pattern for this table runner on their blog
so go check it out!

photo from flickr
photography by megan kibby

this was the botany display from market...
the pattern for this quilt... the pillow.. & another quilt are also on their site

so go show them some love...
lauren + jessi jung

sunday stash..wk4

so on one hand this week's report is better.
on the other it's kinda not.

while in la i finally got to go to mood.
you know... the place they go on project runway...
i got some cottons & some linen/cotton blends.
8.5 yards in.

and a box of moda yummyness arrived.
10 yards in.

i got an assortment of things done.
some borders.. bindings.. & backings.
7.35 out.

so not too bad...

but i did make another purchase in la.
but it got shipped & hasn't arrived yet.
& since i'm only counting things once they are in my possession.
this pile gets counted next week.
it's gonna be a long year ladies & gents!

so this week
18.5 in
7.35 out

YTD totals
purchased: 89.7 yds
busted: 28.86 yds
net: -60.84 yds

Thursday, January 21, 2010

home sweet home!

concrete garden came home!
it has been gone for almost 4 months!
the pattern will be available soon

& kits will be available at many places

is your shop selling kits?
let me know & i'll add you to the list.

if you are a brick & mortar that is kitting the quilt
& would like to borrow my quilt and/or have me teach it...
contact me!

jaybirdquilts @ gmail dot com

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

wip wednesday... improv blocks

bad news.
i was supposed to attend a meeting of the LA modern quilt guild monday night.
but it has been raining in LA
& while rain doesn't scare us in philly.
it scares everyone out here.. & the meeting was cancelled.

good news.
i got to hang out one on one w/ alissa {handmade by}
& chat up all things fabric.

after she left i was all into thinking about improv quilting...
since she is one of the best at it...
so i decided to have some fun.

i got a scrap bag of beach house fabrics

add in some strips of kona crush

and start making some blocks

i only had time to make 2.
but here they are on top of some linen i got at mood

so once i get home i'll make some more blocks & see where this thing goes.

what are you working on??

road to cali quilts

here are some quilts i snapped photos of
@ the road to california quilt show
there were sooo many beautiful quilts
i'll share more later
& hopefully their site will have the 2010 winners updated soon!

my favorite.
i think it was like 8ft wide... but such tiny work!
the artist commented!!
"The Quilt Show" by Laura Peterson
this quilt actually measures 108" X 30"


there were 25 of these... all the same block
sent to different quilters
to show how quilting can change it all

once they update the site i'll add info on who did each quilt..
of course i forgot to take photos of the cards or write that info down..

Sunday, January 17, 2010

sunday stash... road to cali version

this is me.
my name is julie.
& i like fabric.
i don't hide this fact.
that said... i usually don't add much to my stash at one time.
except when i go to quilt shows
especially those in california.
{hey fabric shopping is like therapy}

in no particular order.

fat quarter bundle from the cozy quilt shop... i got to meet Daniela Stout & let me just say she has a way of talking about fabric that i couldn't say no.

lots of trim from the lovely crew over @ cranberry quiltworks & fresh picked fabrics... good thing trim yardage doesn't count in my stash report.

i got this fun bobbin holder full of thread for hand work from superior threads

farmville fabrics from natalie @ beyondthereef

some kona crush bundles from honey run quilters
& one yard cuts of hushabye from pincushion boutique

french general & more kona crush from honey run quilters to make another birdie sling

authentic from honey run quilters to make yet another birdie sling
{Carmen runs the shop & is just one of those people who makes you happy whenever you see her}

peas & carrots from natalie @ beyondthereef to make a 3rd birdie sling.. market version.

2 yards of california quilt show fabric that kris designed herself... she runs cozy cottage fabrics

here is a peek at her booth.. i snapped some photos for her since she forgot her camera!

this pile of yummyness from natalie @ beyondthereef
why? just cause.
and it really is a yummy pile... and i do have 2 bees i'm in this year
so i think its gonna be my fabric for one of them.

i even planned it so some of the trim & other fabric matches it...

some sand fabric from natalie @ beyondthereef

a schnibbles kit... i got it b/c it was french general & then i realized its the schnibble of the month for january... but i doubt i'll have it done it time.

beach house scraps & yardage from the calico house
these ladies saved the day & had the madeline pattern i needed for the above kit.
you see the kit was deceiving & came w/o a pattern & i didn't want to go back to that booth to get it... so these ladies saved me!

fuzzy kits from pincushion boutique... they were the booth across from us.. so dangerous!
{one for my nephew... one for my niece... and 2 just cause they were hushabye}

fat quarter bundles from pincushion boutique...
{girl scouts... boy scouts... and arcadia!}

& lastly my first purchase of the show.
a fuzzy kit for my niece.
she isn't even born yet & i'm spoiling her like crazy.

oh yeah & i got lots of patterns.
but this post is getting long.
& i need a nap.


i've used 15.84 yards this week.
{birdie bag...fabric cut for 3 more... and 2 layer cakes went out the door}

67.7 yards in.
don't judge.

YTD totals
purchased: 71.2 yds
busted: 21.51 yds
net: -49.69 yds