Thursday, April 28, 2011


Ready for another pattern?

I shouldn't pick favorites... but not only do I LOVE these quilts I also LOVE how the photography went for them.  We had days & days of rain and gloomy weather so I was excited as can be when the sun came out!!

So here she is... Chopsticks!

Fabric is Just Dandy by Josephine Kimberling for Robert Kaufman
Pattern - Chopsticks
Designed by me
Quilted by Angela Walters

Background Fabric is Quilter's Linen
Started on 3/26/11
Finished on 4/22/11
Quilt measures - 49" x 60"

Background Fabric is Essex Linen/Cotton Blend
Started on 4/4/11
Finished on 4/23/11
Quilt measures - 49" x 60"

Here is the back of the pattern.  It has four size options and will include full size templates that can be used in place of a 60° ruler.  The ruler that I used is the new large 12" 60° ruler from Creative Grids.  Most of you know that I love working with 60° angles from the Hexagon Quilt-A-Long last year.  This super sized ruler adds so many new possibilities!

{ notice the nifty new tag?  right now it just brings you to my blog... but soon it'll go directly to some cool stuff... i'll let you know when all of that is together! }


Some cover photo shoot outtakes.
I wanted to shoot by the water... but I was afraid I'd drop the quilts in... so this was as close as I got.

Not a bad photo, but in the end I decided to make the blue quilt the focus.

The lighting from this side wasn't doing much for the quilts.

I love how this shot shows the detail in Angela's quilting.  I'm sure by now everyone knows how much I love Angela's work... but honestly each time a new quilt comes home from her I'm amazed by what she does.

I always ask Angela for a few words about the quilting on each quilt so that I can include it in the pattern.  This way if you want something similar done you could communicate it to your quilter.

For the blue quilt:

I quilted triangle shapes in the center of the triangle and quilted small pebbles in the lighter outer borders.
For the pink quilt:

In the center of the triangles, I quilted a flower, filling up the whole space. I also used a wishbone design in the thinner outer borders of the triangles.

More odd lighting... but it does show you the quilting!

This photo didn't show enough of the pattern... and has it on it's side.

I thought maybe folding one of the two would be the way to show both... but none of those photos did it for me.

While this wasn't "cover" material it does show you more of the quilt that most of the photos do.

At the end I shot a bunch with them both folded & ended up with a few of my favorite photos from the day.  Soon I'll show you my #1 favorite photo.

I hope you love her as much as I do!!

If you are coming to Quilt Market be sure to stop by my booth, #2644, to see Chopsticks in person!

This pattern will be available after Quilt Market.  When I have an exact date from the printer I will let you all know!

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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

City Quilts Trunk Show & More

Recently Cherri House came to visit the Philly Modern Quilt Guild.  She presented many of her quilts from City Quilts & some of her patterns.  Enjoy the photos below from her visit.

Also... I didn't take photos... but
I took Cherri for her first cheesesteak...
I took her to her first diner...
... and along with my dad gave her a driving tour of the city's famous places.
It's always so much fun for me to share Philadelphia with someone for the first time.


The pool table worked perfect to hold the quilts.

Cherri talking about the book.

Something was funny...

Cherri asked me to tell the story of when she showed me the inspiration for this quilt.

(Thank you to my dad for taking the photos.)

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Monday, April 25, 2011

Sponsored Giveaway: Featuring Green Fairy Quilts

disclosure: this is a sponsored giveaway

Judi of Green Fairy Quilts is back! Judi has an online quilt shop & designs quilt patterns.  "Blogland" has allowed Judi & I to become friends without having met in person... but in just a few weeks that will change as we will get a chance to meet each other at Quilt Market!!

Recently she posted this picture on her blog under the title "multi-tasking" and it totally cracked me up!

Judi also just released two new adorable quilt patterns.  I've linked each to the blog posts she wrote about them if you want to learn more.


Her Online Quilt Shop has many things, but she is best known for her pre-cut fabrics!

Here are a few of my current favorites.

So what does she have to offer to one of you??

A fat eighth bundle of Grace by 3 sisters!
That is over 4 yards of fabric!


The Rules
Leave a comment for each entry.
Pretty simple
{ If you leave one comment saying you did all 3.. you only have one shot! }

Sign up to get the Green Fairy Quilts' Newsletter
{or tell me that you already get it}

Sign up to be a follower on Green Fairy Quilts Blog

Check out Green Fairy Quilts future pre-cuts and let us know which one is your favorite.

Giveaway now closed.
Winner announced soon.

You have till 12pm EST on Wednesday the 27th to enter!
Winner will be selected by True Random Number Generator.
PLEASE make sure your contact information is in your profile or that you leave it in your comment.

Start commenting!!

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Sunday, April 24, 2011

Giveaway winner & Off the Rail Quilt Kits

It's time to announce the winner of my new Off the Rail quilt pattern & fabric sponsored by Robert Kaufman

and the winner is...

Sarah please contact me with your info!
and fyi... I love the orange prints too!

Thank you to everyone who entered.  I wish all of you could have won, but with 820 entries that would have been wayyyy more fabric than 2 fat quarter bundles.

Fat Quarter Shop will be making kits of Off the Rail as soon as the fabric is released!  You can sign up to receive notification as soon as they are available.

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Thursday, April 21, 2011

When I grow up...

In getting ready for Quilt Market I've been very introspective lately.  I'm my own toughest critic as many of us are.  Seeing my patterns do so well in just a month & getting all the amazing comments and e-mails from you has been more than I could have ever imagined.

*Note - The photos here have nothing to do with the text... they are just fun to look at & I don't like to do a post without photos.

sneak peek!

When I grow up?... What about if I grow up?  I know every word to the toys-r-us song that played over & over during my childhood.  "I don't want to grow up, I'm a toys-r-s kid..."  Part of me is still growing up while a part of me is a bill paying, detail oriented, list writing grown up. :-)

my new pillow from Jessica Levitt

I was asked what did I want to be when I grow up many times.  Here are a few responses that I remember.
1. When I was 5 I answered "An artist."
2. By 10 I decided I was going to be a construction worker & was obsessed with watching fix-it shows on TV.  My favorite place to go was to the hardware store and walk the aisles of lumber & supplies.
3. High school came & I was still saying I wanted to be a construction worker.  My parents encouraged me to take architecture classes so that I'd learn as much as possible about construction. {I really think they just wanted to either scare me off or turn me into an architect.}
4. At 15 during sophomore year in HS I took a graphic design course & decided I'd be a graphic designer.  Nothing changed for the rest of HS and I filled all my open elective time with graphics, web, art, ceramics & art history courses.
5. I started college at 18 as a Graphic Design major.  I knew by 21 this might not be what I wanted to do after all and had one of those "sit down" life chats with my parents.  I transferred into a more general design major and finished out my undergrad education with lots of art courses & a plan of becoming a teacher.
6. At 22 I began a masters program to earn my teaching degree.  I focused in elementary education with the plan of getting certified to teach.  I finished the program but I've never taught K-12.

I graduated and life happened.  My first job had nothing to do with teaching or design.  My second job brought the design part back & I was much happier for it.  Now here I am at 28 making a full circle.

a pile that needs binding
What am I today?
I'm an artist {my 5 year old self is happy}
I construct {my 10 year old self is happy}
I'm an architect of my own path {my 14 year old self is happy}
I'm a graphic designer {my 15 year old self is happy}
I'm a teacher {my 22 year old self is happy}
I'm a quilter, I'm happy.

a peek inside my shipping department

{less than 3 weeks till market!!}
Sorry for the slow down in blog posts... but i have lots of sewing, writing, designing, editing, shipping & planning to do.  Thank you for understanding!

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Monday, April 18, 2011

Giveaway! - Off the Rail Pattern & Fabric!

disclosure: this is a sponsored giveaway by Robert Kaufman Fabrics

Want to make this quilt?  Well you are in luck today!!

Treasures & Tidbits isn't available until July... but you can win some of it right now thanks to Robert Kaufman Fabrics!  T&T is the next collection by Piece O' Cake Designs.

Robert Kaufman is offering one of you both yummy bundles below!  The Leaf colorstory has 16 fat quarters and the Marigold colorstory has 15 fat quarters.  That's almost 8 yards of fabric!!

To complete the package I'm going to include a copy of my new pattern Off the Rail for you!  This design was in my sketchbook for a while... and as soon as I saw Treasures & Tidbits I knew it was the perfect fabric for this design!

With both fat quarter bundles you can make the baby, lap or even the twin size!

Here are the swatches from this beautiful collection.

the rules
leave a comment for each entry. pretty simple.
{ if you leave one comment saying you did both.. you only have one shot! }
*also* - please make sure you leave your contact information or that it is in your profile

leave a comment & tell me which color or print from this collection is your favorite.

blog, twitter or post to facebook about this giveaway
.. and come back to let me know!
If you tweet make sure to mention @robertkaufman and @JaybirdQuilts

You have till midnight EST on Thursday the 21th to enter!
Winners will be selected by True Random Number Generator

Giveaway Now Closed
Winner announced soon.

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