Sunday, February 28, 2010

sunday stash..wk9

due to technical difficulties there are no photos in this post at the moment..
just a sad sad stash report...
{photos will be added tomorrow... once my computer & i are friends again}

it was supposed to be a productive week.
and it was... kinda.

fabric OUT
i finished my 101 sig blocks
finished a quilt
finished a few blocks for donations
sent out fabric for my month in bee imaginative

fabric IN
white for my 101 sig blocks
fabric for the above mentioned quilt

but on sunday.. last week... i went for a sewing night @ a LQS..
and ended up coming home with fabric.. most of which i didn't need.

tiny hexagon print...

cake rock beach

riley blake

1974 by urban chicks

posh by chez moi

then a rural jardins woven FQ bundle arrived..

and if it had ended there.. i would have been positive for this week..
but after our first meeting of the philly modern quilt guild.. and when we finished allison & i drove to pennington's because they were having a sale... and well it was all downhill from there.
{ by the way their sale is on their site too... 20% off all fabric through 3/1}

 some fat quarters

verna by kate spain for moda
{i got the FQ bundle at market.. so now i have some yardage!}

laminated cotton of love by amy butler

some more love by amy butler

and this photo.. is just to show scale.
of the cotton i already had
to the laminated... same art.. but different colors and almost twice the size!

so this week
48.2 in
34.05 out

YTD totals
purchased: 203.37 yds
busted: 73.91 yds
net: -129.46 yds

oh and next week.
well i poked a few buttons at the FQS which should be arriving soon
and won 20+ yards from Laurie over @ Minick & Simpson!
so i better get back to sewing!!

Saturday, February 27, 2010

pure joy

is 48 spools of aurifil thread

24 spools of 28wt

and 24 spools of 50wt

seriously.. pure joy
i'm lucky thread doesn't count in my stash report... cause well.. well just come back tomorrow to see

thanks mom & dad for the best belated birthday present!!
i heart my thread.
pure... joy....

Thursday, February 25, 2010

mistakes happen

they do.
and when i was a kid...
my mom always said that they'd happen.
and i just had to learn from them.

unfortunately there is a mistake in the pattern for "Cornflower Fields"
my quilt that i designed for quiltmaker magazine...

what you may not know...
& i didn't know initially...
is that the person who designs the quilt {and most often makes the quilt} not the person who writes the pattern... this is the case for most of the quilt magazines you read... not just quiltmaker.

this was a hard pill for me to swallow initially because i'm meticulous about how patterns are written... testing them... checking them... heck i even do pattern testing for many other quilt designers!

but like mom said.
mistakes happen.

the staff at quiltmaker has been great about all of it.
and they posted a PDF with the correction on their site...
luckily the fabric requirements are right.
and the only measurement that was off was the cutting for the borders... which many people wait to cut till they get to that stage... so i hope this hasn't messed many of you up.

so i'm not sure what my lesson learned here is yet...
1. read a pattern before you make it
2. read before cutting
3. accept that sometimes... mistakes will just happen

thank you for all of your support!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

wip wednesday... zippers

i'm working on three birdie sling bags at once...
and a new tutorial for you at the same time.

i'm gonna show you how to add a zippered pocket
to any bag pattern you have

there are many ways..
but i'll be showing one simple way
since i need to have zippered pockets in my bags...

auethentic by sweetwater
rouenneries by french general
kona crush by robert kaufman
and peas & carrots by ?? {i'll check!}

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

giveaways going on in blogland...wk8 {ended}

a new list
of crafty giveaways.

so you guys have been voting.
and the results so far...
yes... tell me about giveaways all the time - (67%)
 maybe... but not all the time - (21%)
 no... i like to find them on my own - (1%)
 no... i'm not interested in giveaways - (9%)

so i'm thinking this may become a weekly thing.
probably on tuesday
so if you are having a giveaway
shoot me an e-mail to let me know
and you'll be on the list for that week
and i'll still be searching ones out too...

here is this week's list...

{ ended }

{ ended }

{ ended }

{ ended }

{ ended }

{ ended }

{ ended }

{ ended }

{ ended }

{also.. are you having a giveaway that isn't listed.. or know of one? ..leave a comment to spread the word!}

updated to add 3 more!
updated to add 1 more!
updated to add 1 more...

Monday, February 22, 2010

dolly dresses tutorial

*2012 update*
This quilt was designed & made in February 2010. It features panels designed by Holly Holderman of Lakehouse Dry Goods. The panels were in stores in 2010 and are hard to find now. I do not have any extra or currently know of a shop that has them. There is no "pattern" for the little dresses as they were the panel. If I find a source I'll let you know. {If you know one, please let me know!}


Here is the tutorial for my dolly dresses quilt that was a part of Holly Holderman's blog hop.
{Better known to me as Aliyah's quilt}

Please read all directions before beginning!

2 dolly dresses panels {6 dresses on each one}
12 scraps of colored fabrics - charm squares work great
more colored fabrics scraps for applique letters
3/4 yard of LH07013 Polka Party Petite WOW {small white on white dot}
1/4 yard of LH03035 Frosted Dots WOW {large white on white dot}
1/2 yard of LH08053 Chunky Check Red for binding
9 1/2" square ruler
fusible web for applique letters

Cutting Directions
Cut 12 sashing strips at 1.5" x 9.5" from large WOW dot
Cut center piece at 31.5" x 11.5" from small WOW dot
Cut side borders at 29.5" x 2.5" from small WOW dot
Cut top & bottom borders at 53.5" x 2.5" from small WOW dot
Cut 4 squares at 2.5" from each of 12 fabrics for "photo corners"
Cut 12 dresses out as described below

1. Cut out dresses with 9 1/2" square ruler.

2. Place colored squares on corners of dress block to create a basic snowball block. The squares should be RST and you sew where the black line is in the diagram below.

3. trim off excess as shown below off all 4 corners and press the "photo corners" out to complete your snowball block. repeat for all 12 dress blocks.

4. Lay out your 12 blocks as shown below until you are happy with your layout and balance of colors.

5. Make the center panel.  As directed above it should be cut at 31.5" x 11.5" from small WOW dot. print out the letters you need from this PDF file. If the name you are going to use is a long name you may want to make the letters smaller so they all fit. Use fusible web to apply the letters. I sewed them on with a machine blanket stitch to finish them.

6. This is the overall layout of the quilt. sew the top & bottom rows together with 5 blocks and 4 sashing strips. For the center sew the sashing strips to the side blocks & then sew them onto the center panel. Then sew all 3 rows together. Finally sew the borders on.

7. Layer with batting & backing and quilt as desired. I did an overall loopy design and avoided quilting the letters in the center. As a result they appear to slightly pop off the quilt.

8. Attach binding using this tutorial.

You're done!!
This quilt really comes together super fast!


want to link to this tutorial?
grab a button!


© 2009-2023 Julie R. Herman. All rights reserved.
No part of this tutorial or pattern may be reproduced without written consent of Jaybird Quilts. 
Items from this pattern may not be produced for commercial resale. 

Sunday, February 21, 2010

sunday stash..wk8

thanks for all your support & kind comments regarding my wisdom teeth.
i'm recovering.... much better now than a few days ago.

i didn't get too much sewing done this week.
i did get some bee blocks done yesterday...

bee beautiful for rachel

check out the blogs to see more of my blocks
and the blocks made by other bee members...

unfortunately i decided in the beginning that bee fabric from other members.. wouldn't count on the way in or out.. so i have made zero progress on my stash this week.  but i have big plans for today... so next week's report should be nice and positive!

so this week
zero in again
zero out
just wait until next week...

YTD totals
purchased: 160.57 yds
busted: 39.86 yds
net: -120.71 yds

Saturday, February 20, 2010

trip to the fabric workshop

today i got to take a trip to the philadelphia fabric workshop
with a great group of artists from handmade philly

i brought my own screen.. you'll see why ;-)
everyone else used screens that the workshop had from previous events
lots of fun... so i figured i'd share some photos with you...


all about the fabric workshop

more learning


how to print

my supplies

lots of cooper minis...

love this one... someone decided it looked like a globe

my niece is gonna have the cutest onesies!

other people's work...


more of other people's work

and more

and more

i had a great time.
now back to quilting...