Thursday, January 8, 2015

Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show 2014 Recap - Save it for Sunday, Walking Tours with Angela Walters

I've been saving this post for a while now, just shy of about 6 months. Once I sat on it for as long as I did, I figured I would wait it out until the 2015 Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show + Quilter's Affair announcements were made.

One of the best kept secrets about week of quilting and quilts in Sisters is the "Save it for Sunday" walking tour at the FivePine Lodge & Conference Center. When the weather permits, quilts from the featured presenter are hung up outside among the pine trees for the event. I was lucky enough to attend in July 2014 for Angela Walter's presentation.

Angela's portrait quilt of Grandpa that she made and hangs in her studio. He's the one who got her started on her quilting journey.

Valori Wells hanging quilts to get them ready for the tour.

Some of the quilters who took Angela's tour.

Angela did a great job sharing her quilting stories that day. You can find out more about that day and her experience on her blog.

Some of my quilts that Angela has quilted, from left to right: Science Fair, 2 Night Sky quilts and Day Break.

My quilts from behind. I love seeing the pieced backs and labels.

Angela presenting in the packed lecture hall after the walking tour.

This is my Radio Way quilt made with Cocoon by Valori Wells and quilted by Angela. I donated this quilt to the "Men Behind the Quilts" calendar and quilt auction. Angela and I are pictured here with the quilt auction winner.

'Save it for Sunday' was a pretty cool experience I'll never forget. And I'm REALLY looking forward to the 2015 Save it for Sunday event with one of my all time favorite fabric designers, Tula Pink!

Do you have a favorite quilting event that holds a special place in your heart? Are planning to head to Sisters this year for the 40th anniversary outdoor quilt show? Tell us all about it in the comments below.

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Irelle said...

I was happy to be at the Save it for Sunday with Angela as well. I am really disappointed that I will miss Sisters in 2015. It will be a great time for all those fortunate enough to go.

mascanlon said...

I am sure you need an assistant for your classes!

Lilpuddin said...

That looks like so much fun! The quilts arranged on the walking path is a fantastic idea. Wish I could have attended.

Lace Faerie said...

My sisters & I went to the Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show for the first time this past year! We were so amazed by all the quilts! I'm hoping my sisters and I can make it an annual get together, as we live in three separate states!