Friday, January 2, 2015

2014 Quilts in Review

I finished 39 quilts in 2014. Some were started in 2013, but some WIPs (works in progress) dated back as far as 2010.  
Here is a breakdown of the numbers of my quilt "finishes" for the last few years:
2014 - 39
2013 - 34
2012 - 76
2011 - 62
2010 - 54

While I technically finished more quilts in 2014 than 2013, I feel like I didn't create as many. That is probably because 22 out of the 39 of quilts are minis, pillows or small projects. Looking back, I know I probably didn't finish as many of them as I did in past years because we moved + have been planning our upcoming wedding. I have no regrets with what I created in 2014 & I'm excited to see what 2015 has to hold!

1. Mini Northern Lights - January
2. Mini Disco - January
3. Mini Radio Way - January
7. Tumbler Quilt for Aliyah - April
8. Mini Lotus - April
9. Mini Tiny Dancer - April

13. Rock Candy in Pearl Bracelets by Lizzy House- May
15. Mini Tiny Dancer in London Calling - May
16. Anchor's Aweigh pattern & fabrics by Tula Pink - June
17. Neptune mug rug - June

20. Northern Lights in Flirt by Dear Stella - August
21. Mini Lotus in Kona Solids - September
22. Mini Delight - September
23. Night Sky Placemats in Simply Color by V&Co. - September
24. Candy Dish Pillows in Bumble by Tula Pink - September
25. Jawbreaker Pillow in Bumble by Tula Pink - September
26. Giggles in Bumble by Tula Pink - September
27. Toes in the Sand in Remix by Ann Kelle - September

28. Gravity - September
29. Mini Off the Rail - September
30. Glimmer Lap in Elizabeth by Tula Pink - September
32. Stereo - October
35. Mini Science Fair - October
36. Stellar Gravity Pillow - October
37. Delight in Moonshine by Tula Pink - October
39. Dot Party in Honey Honey by Kate Spain - December

I'm excited to see what quilts I finish in 2015!

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Myra @ Busy Hands Quilts said...

Super list of quilts. I will be making a Gravity quilt soon, using your rulers for the first time. I'm looking forward to that. Do you know of a Gravity Quilt-Along anywhere?

mascanlon said...

Wow!! I really need to get better at keeping a list and photos....oh and labels. Fun to see them all together Julie and I love seeing ones that were new to me! I am just finishing the binding on my Delight, hmm since I gifted at Christmas and took it back to finish binding does it count for 2014 0r 15! and I so look forward to 2015.

Nancy M. said...

Wow they are beautiful by themselves but all together they are stunning.

Sandra W said...

Just curious. What is the date of the wedding?

Zanymouse said...

I love all your quilts, Julie! I've got the rulers, a few patterns, and I'm excited to make a few this year. I must say your Gravity quilt is an absolute showstopper! I hope to see you at Road 2 California this year!

A Girl Named Speedy said...

Beautiful quilts Julie!