Sunday, January 23, 2011

Sunday Stash Report - Week 4

I'm happy to report that yesterday was a productive day of bag making and that I have more fabric out than in this week!


2.5 yards of fabric from ikea
3.5 yards of kona solids


Neptune for a 2nd Cosmo
Yes you read that right... I broke into my neptune stash.

I also made the key keeper coin purse from chapter 7

It's a tiny little thing but it's so darn cute!

I learned from the last time I made the Cosmo bag and this time I didn't make any of the pockets as the pattern directs you to. Instead I added a zippered pocket on the inside.

 I love this set!!
edited: both bags are from Style Stitches by Amy Butler
I'm doing the Style Stitches Monthly Bag Challenge 2011

fabric for a pillow
fabric for a few other new projects

border and flange fabric and backing fabric for my banner quilt
details of this quilt are over at my swatch and stitch post
if you haven't entered the giveaway to win a pattern you have till tomorrow night!

I did make a few more selvage spider web blocks this week but unfortunately I can't count any fabric out for those.


Sunday Stash Report - Week 4 of 2011

6 in
13.48 out

2011 totals
purchased: -23 yds
busted: 23.7 yds
net: .7 yds

I'm back in the positive for the year!!

this is my 400th post! woo hoo!

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Andrew J said...

OMG, more fabric OUT than IN? How can you LIVE like that?? If you keep it up, you might run out!! Hahahaha.

Angela Nash said...

I love your spider webs - they're looking great!

And that's an awesome little coin purse!

Suburban Stitcher said...

yay for the black!

Lazy Girl said...

Julie, I love the selvage spider web blocks!

Charlene S said...

I might run out if you stay in the black too long.

tatgurl said...

I LOVE that coin purse!!! Where is the pattern from?

Heather said...

I love your neptune bag, good job finally cutting into it! :) The little zippered coin purse is too cute.

Also the spiderweb quilt is so fun, I am loving the lime green solid as the background color, very cool.

mrsc1345 said...

I love those both, too cute! And tatgurl, that pattern is from Amy Butler's latest bag book, Style Stitches. Now I am going to have to make one! (And no, I'm not super awesome about knowing my patterns, I had to google it to find it was in a book I already own AND I was looking through it last week looking for a zippered pouch pattern and somehow missed it completely!)

tatgurl said...

mrsc-thanks! That's funny :) thanks for looking it up. I'll have to see if my library system has that book!

Anonymous said...

Great job with the bag! I'm hoping to get to a bag really soon!!! Cute little zippered pouch too!

bethanndodd said...

Such a productive weekend...I am suddenly feeling lazy! Great job on the bag! I ordered my book and can't wait to join in on the fun in February :) Yay for using up some fabric too!

Amanda Murphy said...

I LOVE your spider webs - fantastic!