Monday, December 27, 2010

Have you checked out BlogHer lately? Review
disclosure: this is a sponsored review

Have you checked out blogher lately?
You should!


Before I started my own blog I really didn't know much about BlogHer. I'd see their ads from time to time on people's blogs but I didn't know much past that. BlogHer is a publishing network, an advertising network and so much more. Below the ads you see on many blogs like mine are links like this...
The links are to blog posts by other bloggers in the BlogHer network that you should check out. From time to time my posts get featured in the links... like my Sunday Stash Report post above.


BlogHer also does Syndicated Posts of content from bloggers in the network. What does that mean? BlogHer has editors that search out great posts by members of the BlogHer network. Then if the blogger agrees the post is re-posted on BlogHer to a much larger audience than the blogger herself probably has.

Earlier this year I was syndicated on with my Spiderweb Potholder Tutorial.
I was syndicated on


A few months ago BlogHer added a new feature to posts on their site called Sparkle. Sparkle is great for when you enjoy the content but don't have the time to leave a comment. You click "Sparkle" at the end of the post and it's similar to "like" on facebook or giving a positive vote about the content.  Posts that get a lot of "Sparkle" then end up on the BlogHer sidebar section. This is what it looks like...

You really should read about The Bloggess and Her Christmas Miracle... it's a great post.

You can also join BlogHer (for free) and setup a profile. After doing this you can connect with other people in the network through chatter, groups and so much more. This is one area that I haven't used to it's full potential and plan on using more this coming year.


BlogHer often has exclusive offers and giveaways. Take a few minutes to check out some of the offers & giveaways that the network has to offer. Right now you can win a full pass to one of BlogHer's Conferences


So take some time to check out BlogHer & all of it's many features. 

Once you do I'd love for you to come back here & leave a comment. Tell me what you like... what features you use... what you don't like... and so on.

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mascanlon said...

I loved the Christmas miracle post! I sometimes read a post linked to your blog, some wonderful writers in the network.

Dana Gaffney said...

Thanks telling us to read the bloggess post. What a beautiful story, it really makes me believe we can all make it, if we just try to help each other. I'm going to go finish crying now.