Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Tula Pink Tabby Road Projects

Tula Pink's Tabby Road collection is in stores now so I wanted to share some of projects & quilts that I've made with it.

The Cosmo bag by Amy Butler from her book Style Stitches is one of my trusty go-to bags that holds a bunch & looks great doing it.

I used this contrasting print for the bottom that is from Tula's Slow & Steady collection.

It is the dark blue hexagon with pink accents.

I used the same contrasting fabric inside + I added a zipper pouch into the lining.

I also made a coordinating Atkinson Designs Cash & Carry.

I worked hard to fussy cut the can placement on the outside pocket.

On the inside I used a floral and made sure you could see the tiny mouse when the pouch is open.

I'm really happy with the set and use them regularly.

I've got two Comet quilts in Tabby Road that I made using the Hex N More ruler, quilted by Teresa Silva.

Comet is a fast & fun pattern for featuring large scale prints that you don't want to cut up. I enjoyed fussy cutting the cats & a few other Tabby Road prints.

One of the best parts of Comet is that there are no Y seams in the construction!! 

Comet is available in shops now!

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Bunnie said...

Love the Tabby Road, and your projects, and your quilt. I just got a cat, so now I need tabby fabric! And hexagons.

Danette said...

Really neat! I have Amy Butler's book Style Stitches. I need to get it out and sew this. I also have Atkinson Designs Cash & Carry. I just got the pattern out recently to sew another one. Love how you fussy cut the canned fish and mouse. I love cats!

Debbie J. said...

Those are all absolutely beautifully done. You are really talented. I love the little mouse in the pouch! Too cute.❤️

Rachael said...

Hi! I love you!