Wednesday, February 4, 2015

I'm teaching at Quilter's Affair this summer

This summer is the 40th Anniversary of the Sister's Outdoor Quilt Show and I'm looking forward to teaching classes all week long for Quilter's Affair, which leads up to the weekend of the quilt show. This will be my third year there and I'm excited for the classes I'll be teaching:

Monday July 6 - Rock Candy - you could finish this project in the class:

Tuesday July 7- Night Sky (Sold Out). This is a selfie of me before my Night Sky class kicked off last July:

Me and a few students from class with their blocks:

Me and Angela Walters of

I'm showing off how the blocks are made and my finished quilt to Ken Kaufman of Robert Kaufman Fabrics:

Student blocks from the class:

Wednesday July 8- Park Bench (day 1) - the first time I'm teaching one of my BOM designs in a class
Thursday July 9 - Park Bench (day 2)

Friday July 10 - Stereo - the first time I'm teaching my Super Sidekick ruler

Online registration is open now. Be sure to book soon if you see a class you might want to take with me (or anyone else, but you should still take a class with me!).

The quilt show will be on Saturday, July 11, and I'll have a few special quilts featured there, too.

Have you ever taken a quilting vacation? Where to or which quilting event would you like to attend one day? Tell us all about it in the comments.

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mascanlon said...

I think you need helper...just saying!

Unknown said...

I'm taking stereo and night teach a great class. I've take your class at quilters affair 2 years in a row. Can't wait. I have some great fabric for stereo.

Lace Faerie said...

Our quilt guild, EverGreen Quilters of Bellingham, WA, had a workshop featuring your Sidekick Ruler and your Night Sky pattern. We had a lot of fun. Lots of variety in fabric choices, prints, solids, and a combination of the two. All were successful and very impressed with how our points were perfect using your ruler!

Margs Primitive Quilts said...

Hello...I had to laugh when I read the first comment! That was my thought too! Great minds..... I LoVe the patterns and fabric in the quilts you have made. Just gorgeous!
I would love to make the one with the stars and black background. Actually they all look so nice. I have never travelled and taken a class too.....sounds like fun though.
Maybe I should think hard in it. Or see if I can talk
a " teacher friend of mine " into teaching a class using your ruler. You are very photographic. I love your enthusiasm ! Have. Wonderful day!
Hugs Marg.

Margs Primitive Quilts said...

Rock Candy is a gorgeous pattern and the quilting on it is just Gorgeous! Hugs Marg.

Jane said...

I love your Stereo quilt! The colors are so much fun and the pattern is SO simple. It's just perfect!

Unknown said...

I love all of your students blocks and especially your quilt!

qwilltr said...

I would love to go to Sister's Quilt Show one year. I've been to Houston once but this one is on my list. My friends and I have been doing a quilt retreat for one week at the beach every Spring for seven years now I believe. I've also been to the North Carolina quilt retreat. I would love to do the quilt you have panned this year but there's no way I can do it this year. One day I'll be retired and can go more often. I'm on the other coast so it's a fair distance for me.

Scorpie said...

Just tracked down and bought your Rock Candy pattern. Now, I am waiting to see what arrives first~your rulers or your pattern. Trying very hard to be patient.