Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Seaside Table Runner

This week I'm going to tell you a bit more about each of the new "little" patterns for the Sidekick Ruler. Next up is Seaside!

 The Seaside Table runner is make from just one shape... the diamond!!

Table Runner Details 
Fabric is Violet Craft's Waterfront Park with Kona Iron for the background & binding
Pattern - Seaside, JBQ 134
Designed by me
Quilted by Angela Walters
Started on 7/3/13
Finished on 7/21/13
Table Runner measures - 15 1/2" x 40 1/2"

Here is the back of the pattern cover. Each pattern has its own hashtag! #SeasideQuilt


I filmed a couple of videos on Seaside as a part of the Journey 2 Nebula. You can sign up for the Journey self paced as well as watch the videos on YouTube.


The pattern uses my new Sidekick Ruler. It also includes the option of full size templates just like my other patterns.

Violet Craft's Waterfront Park 

It was hard to narrow it down to just 5 fabrics! I picked a variety of color & scale.

Here are a few outtakes from the cover shoot. I don't have too many as I was able to get the shot I wanted pretty quick!

Detail photos that show you the amazing quilting by Angela Walters.

I'm seriously running out of words to describe her work.

I also have already made a second Seaside Table Runner! This one features Simply Color by Vanessa Christenson

Angela Walters was nice enough to snap these photos for me since the table runner is currently in transit back to me.

Seaside will be shipping to quilt shops next week. You can see a list of shops that stock my products or ask your local quilt shop to order it for you.

If you make a Seaside Table Runner please post photos online and use #SeasideQuilt so we can all share in the fun!

UPDATE 3/2/15: If you need some assistance aligning the diamond pieces to assemble your Seaside table runner, check out my tutorial on how to do that here.

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Paula said...

You're right, there just aren't adequate words to describe her quilting. I'll go with awe-inspiring. :-)

Love the colors in the new runner.

Tammy said...

How pretty

mascanlon said...

And no "y" seams! Hurrah, love this pattern.

Teresa Silva said...

This is an amazing table runner and as always I love Angela's quilting. Amazing. Can't wait to get that ruler and patterns.

Rita said...

Dear Julie

It is but common;)
Now I had to long solo on the Hex N More tamplate to wait and my sister to (bring home it me in the Switzerland) is now in the United States and I have no time to order your new template. What do you mean again, wait a year.
The template looks wonderful and these great opportunities!
Wish you all the best, Rita

Liz - Carmichael Quilter said...

Just ordered the new ruler, Sidekick from the FQShop. Can't wait to receive it and try it out!

Love all of your work!


Karen said...

Just met you at the Long Beach show! I got my Sidekick excited! And what pattern did I choose? Seaside Tablerunner, of course! Love your designs!

Linette Greene said...

My friend Edie McGinnis, who writes for the Kansas City Star quilt site, sent me the above link because I made Tiny Dancer. I thought you would be interested to see a vintage version!