Wednesday, January 4, 2012

My last few days in photographs

In December I damaged my phone & as a result I'm now a proud owner of the iPhone 4S.  My main computer is a mac... I love my iPad... so the transition hasn't been hard at all.  One of my favorite things about the phone is the number of photo apps.

I was immediately hooked on Instagram.  The square photos mixed with the easy filters makes it a fun free app.  The second photo app I've been playing with lately is 360 Panorama by Occipital.  It costs a dollar and is worth every penny.  My brother has been in love with this app for a while which is why I knew it was a worthy download.

As you all probably know pre-move I usually blogged 95% quilting and 5% life... but that post-move I've been sharing a bit more of my life.


For Hanukkah some of my cousins came to visit.  It was great to have a bunch of my extended family together for good food & good fun.  Here we are all on the stairs for the required family photo.
The Fischer Family Kids.
Top left is Andrea & Sage
Bottom left is Cory & Eli
Top right is Brad, Karin & Aliyah
and Elijah was hanging out with me.

Elijah was having fun with his remote control helicopters.

Latkes being cooked!  Cory & Eli are so good in the kitchen!!

Elijah & Aliyah opening more presents.


For NYE I headed to Arizona with a bunch of friends.  We flew from SD to Phoenix & then drove to Flagstaff to meet up with more friends.  Those who know me well know that I'm not the best traveler... especially in car rides... so day #1 was less than exciting.  Nevertheless I'm glad I made the trip.  NYE & I don't have the best history and this year was much better than the last bunch.

The views were amazing despite the cold.
{Seriously I thought i moved away from snow!?!}

Dinner in Flagstaff
{& yes for all you nosy people asking questions on my legoland post... this would be my special someone.  it isn't like me to get all personal on my blog so i'll share as little or as much as i feel on any given day.  all you need to know is that i'm happy.  really happy as rachel would say.}

 We walked around town a bit and I got to walk along the actual Route 66.  Instead of purchasing a useless mug or magnet... I bought jelly beans.  Go figure.

We caught a beautiful sunset.

Here was my first 360 photo.

... and just a few minutes later the sun was almost gone.

In between lots of eating and game playing I made some progress on a new little hexagon project.  I'm planning to make a doll quilt for Aliyah.

We discovered a lake on one of our walks.

Before leaving town I got to visit the new Rita's in Phoenix.  It was a big highlight of my trip and I felt for just a minute like I was back in Philly.

We did go to the airport Monday night... and got on a plane...  but right before takeoff it was determined there would be too much fog in San Diego to land so we were asked to get off the plane.  {Note: it was a mess and while some of the employees from Southwest handled it well some handled it very poorly and they will be getting a phone call from me.  I understand we can't control mother nature, but we can all do our best to be polite & understanding adults.}

We tried to get on a flight to LA but all of the flights were full and we realized we'd have to stay in Phoenix for the night.  I have to thank the amazing staff at the Holiday Inn by the airport in Phoenix.  They really know how to take care of people.  From the shuttle, to the desk staff to the bartender & the restaurant.

Lucky for me I travel with a quilt & a pillow.

Our pizza that arrived just before 1am.
It was heaven.

Between my actual birthday, Hanukkah & new years.... December seems to have flown by.  I usually dread January but I'm actually looking forward to it this year.


oh and just a quick reminder.
I'm teaching twice in January!
If you are in the SoCal area come join in on the fun.

When: Saturday, January 7th, 10:30-5:30
What: Fast Forward
Where: Sew Modern - Los Angeles, CA

When: Friday, January 20th
What: Firecracker
Where: Quilt in A Day - San Marcos, CA
...and also planning to attend Road to California one day too.

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Mary on Lake Pulaski said...

"Really" happy looks good on you!!

Quilt Mom said...

Happy New Year, Julie, nice to see you all settled with your peeps and happy!

Suburban Stitcher said...

happy your're happy!

bethanndodd said...

Happy's to a fabulous January! Smiles~Beth

Angela Nash said...

Looks like it was a great couple of weeks!

Love it that you travel with both your own pillow and quilt - so cozy!

My two older boys are going to be in San Diego this weekend for a Lacrosse tournament. Wish I could have joined them and pop in on you!

Denise in PA said...

Sounds like your holidays were great! So glad for you. That little hexie quilt will be so cute - looking forward to seeing its progres! (Oh, he's pretty cute too!!)

CitricSugar said...

Looks like you had a good holiday!

It's always challenging to find that line between personal and private. I know I've struggled with whether and what I'm going to share and it does vary from day to day. Plus, my family prefers not to appear in pictures so....

Audrie said...

I'm happy that you're happy :)

charlotte said...

You look happy in all the pics. So the move and everything seems to agree with you. Have a great new year.

Kim said...

We are a nosy bunch aren't we? :) You do look very happy in the pics! Happy New Year!

mascanlon said...

Lovely to see a happy face! And that's all we really need to know...happy is very good!

MiChal said...

Tell me more about traveling with your own quilt and pillow. What a great idea. They aren't too bulky?

KatheG said...

I'm with you - I always try to travel at least with my own pillow and on occasion a quilt or cotton blanket. Flagstaff is so cool - no pun intended - and just beautiful And you are looking really, really happy - you go, girl!

Mouster1 said...

Happy New Year! Hope the rest of the year will be as good as December was for you. I love your quilt and pillow that you packed. Can you tell me what fabric and pattern you used for your quilt? Looks beautiful!

Sandy said...

A great December! So happy that you are HAPPY with your special someone. Bring on 2012!

Helen L said...

thanks for sharing the fun pics (the 360's are really cool!!) I'm working on a hexie quilt too, 2" hexies in the Strawberry Fields line by Fig Tree Quilts. It's kind of addictive to work on something by hand!!
And so happy to see that you are VERY happy!!! Hope it's a great new year for you :-)

Josie McRazie said...

My son got a remote helicopter and I think my Honeyman and I have had just as much fun with it as he has!! LOL I agree with someone esle... really happy looks GREAT on you!! I love the quilty blogs, but it is also great to get to know YOU!! thank you for sharing!!

Patty said...

Happy New Year / Birthday Julie, looks like life is good!

Bonny said...

You have finally grown up! (I mean this in a good way) There is nothing more important than family :) While blogging about quilts is the best, if we don't have our family - how much joy is there really in that?
I truly enjoy your blog ...
Happy New Year!

Nicole Morris said...

Hay Julie! Nice pics, thats right you get to spend Holidays with the whole family now! Flagstaff is wonderful...see you at Road - Love Nic