Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Legoland with the family

This past weekend Brad & Karin brought the kids down and we went to Legoland.  I've got LOTS of photos to share since it is hard to edit when Elijah & Aliyah are so darn cute. {Proud Aunt over here}  It was great to have them stay with us for the weekend... something we never were able to do when we lived across the country.

I went without my camera {which was kinda nice} so most of these photos are from Brad & Karin, with a few IPhone photos thrown in.  {My Droid finally was causing me enough headaches to make the switch.}

...as for getting back to blogging about sewing & quilting... yeah I want to do that too.  I just need to finish unpacking... and find some time to sew... my machine probably thinks I forgot about it by now.



Life size lego people in the parking lot

The place was decked out in a winter theme.

Where do you want to go?

It would help if I knew how to read...

Poppop lets go!

one of the many paparazzi like photos by brother took. thanks brad.

mom saying something funny...

not sure what was going on here... but clearly it was brad's fault!


Elijah & Aliyah liked the mini-cities

so did Aliyah

My favorite were the mini scenes from Star Wars

life size Chewbacca

Elijah wasn't so sure about Chewie at first...

But then went for it

lego boats... this would have been a nice relaxing cruise if SOMEONE hadn't decided to play bumper-boats!

up in the air again

practicing really early for her driver's test

Snow in California?
yes... snow...

Aliyah enjoyed the slide...

..and so did Elijah

we match :-)

lego art!
I loved these things... they were like quilts made from legos

What is Poppop doing??

Nap time?

up up and away!

Save the bank!!

hanging out...
Keeping Aliyah from running off was not an easy task!

building mini-figs

why were we the target?

coming down

works well this way too

off to another ride


leading the train

all giggles

see you later!

ready to go home!

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Laura said...

Looks like so much fun. I LOVE the lego art. So cool!

Sandy said...

What a great place...looks like a fun time was had by all!

Heather D. said...

Aww, Legoland is so fun. We were there 4 years ago and would love to go again. Looks like you had an awesome day with family!

Sandy said...

Such an awesome time! Thanks for posting the great pictures! It is awesome for us to be ale to spend time together as a Famly!

Cindy Sharp said...

Lego Land rocks! We took our boys several years ago. It was the best vacation ever.

bethanndodd said...

Great pics of fun times :)
Your sewing machine will be ready when you are ;) Smiles~Beth

Queenie Believe said...

Lego Land!!! What fun!!!
Have a great day.
Always, Queenie

Helen L said...

Cute,cute, cute, and looks so much fun!! thanks for sharing :-)

Kim said...

Fun! I don't think that they had had the Star Wars mini section when we were there two years ago. My son would FLIP! Now to the important question....who is the cute guy you brought? : )

KatheG said...

Looks like you had a wonderfuld time with your family and ??? You nephew is looking better each time you post him. Thanks for sharing.

Tammy said...

Such cute pics! Lego Land is so fun!!! But like KatheG...who is the extra cutie with you and your fam? :o)

Teje Karjalainen said...

Hi! You must have a great time! I have been in Legoland in Denmark and it was fantastic!

Betty said...

O my! You had a great day out with the family. Thank Brad for that (paperazzi)wonderful picture!
Thanks for sharing so much fun.

azuliverde.21 said...

OMG! Afternoon with E&A!!! I'm glad for you, Julie ♥

Big hug!

Vicky said...

What fun! Lots of cuties in those pictures! Oh, and yeah - what Kim said! :) xo

Angela Nash said...

Looks like it was so much fun! They get big so fast, it's awesome that you're close and can be the super cool, fun Aunt all the time now.

Mom C said...

Love Legoland. Seems they added a few things since I was there. It is such fun for the younger set, no rides you have to be so tall to go on and just so much hands on. Glad you had a good time.

littlemissmk said...

gotta love legoland. the mini cities are pretty amazing! my husband was a lego maniac and is beyond excited to give some to our little girl this christmas :)

mjb said...

Looks like I'm just as nosy as everyone else LOL!