Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Update...photos...& answers.

I'm finally in our new house and starting to unpack!

So my last post generated lots of questions.  I'll try to answer them & give you an update at the same time.

My bathroom... When I first got here I was taking baths for a few days till I got a pole to hang my new Mizzoni shower curtain.  I was not in line at Target the day of the release... I just happened to stumble upon it while looking for a shower curtain and said hey I like this!

I moved to San Marcos... it's in North San Diego county.
Quilt in a Day is down the street... not bad for my Local Quilt Shop!

I think you are never too old for a night light in the bathroom.
Yellow is currently keeping me company :-)

House or Condo?
I won't be living here alone.  My parents bought this house & I'll be living with them.  I came first and they will join me on Halloween.  They still have most of the furniture back in PA so many rooms... like our family room are still empty.

The living room also doesn't have much furniture yet... just a quilt rack!

I did bring my kitchen table & chairs with me.  The wood is a great match for our kitchen.

This house has a TON of windows... and while the views are great sometimes you want a bit of privacy.  My parents haven't decided what kind of window treatments they want yet... so I needed to come up with a temporary solution for the rooms I'm currently using...  

I found these cool window panels at Ikea.  They are 24" wide and 9ft long and can be cut to fit.  I was able to get 2-3 window covers from each one.  I folded down 1" and sewed a simple sleeve.  I added in a tension rod so that I haven't put any holes in the wall.  {I promised you I wouldn't Dad!}

Another benefit of me being here first is that I'm here to schedule all delivery/installations...
Our new washer & dryer arrived last week.  They rock & actually make me enjoy laundry... we'll see how long that lasts.

Why Oliso?
Oliso irons have feet...that work like a tripod to lift the iron off the ironing board.  You never have to tilt the iron up.  Watch the video on their site to learn more... seeing is believing!

I did make some progress in my studio.  I re-built my cutting table & unpacked my rulers.  None of them broke on the move!!! Woo Hoo!

I also re-built my 3 storage bookcases and started to put my fabric back on them.  It's far from organized... but at least most of my fabric is out of bins!

I have a long way to go... but I'll keep you updated!


Other Q&A...

I could see a quilt with watermelon and log cabins there....is this your pattern?
The watermelon quilt isn't my pattern... it was a pattern I got at a shop 5+ years ago.  I don't remember the designer... but if I figure it out I'll let you know.

Should you send me notions?
Nope... but thanks for the offer.  I have a bad habit of buying new when I can't find what I need... so I have so many as is... I just need to unpack them!

I hope you can participate in the SD Modern Quilt Guild soon! 
I hope so too.  
I'm a Canon.  Currently I shoot with a T2i & 40D.  Luckily my brother is a professional photographer so I can go to him for advice... and he also gives me lenses from time to time. {I have 4 now}

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Jacqueline said...

Welcome to California, lovely! =)

Teje Karjalainen said...

Hi Julie! Thank you for sharing your moving to your new home! That is always so exiting - I love to fix everything and put all the things in (new) order and wow then it is a great enjoy to start to work! And a quilt shop on your street?! That's too much!
Have a wonderful time and hopefully you are sewing soon!
xxx Teje

VickiT said...

Glad to see you're getting things unpacked even more now Julie. Looks good so far even if the fabric isn't organized. Still pretty to look at.

Would your brother like to adopt me please? My husband would love passed down lenses. He would drool over your camera actually. We both have a 10D so they still do a good job. I bought him a studio lighting setup a few years back with some inheritance money as well as his camera. He would love to do professional photography but has done computers for way more than 20 yrs now so that's what he sticks with.

Anyway, glad to 'hear' from you again. Have fun with that awesome washer and dryer. Those are great machines. We got those too when they first came out - about the 2nd year they were out. I'd love to get the new ones which have the steam setting. That would be SO useful.

sonia said...

Wow, beautiful place to live in, it looks really bright and spacious. You still have a hard work to do... Hope to keep hearing from you. Thanks for sharing

Angie @ craftedAngles said...

You are making great progress -- one day at a time!

A.J. Dub. (Amy) said...

Welcome to California neighbor! We just moved to Vista last month, from Texas.
Your house looks so comfy and spacious!

Dresden Quilter said...

Happy to hear that things are moving along well for you. Glad to see you will be able to get back to quilting soon. The shower curtain is great!

Lynette said...

00Hey~! Those are the laundry machines we have. I *love* them for quilt washing!! :D

Denise in PA said...

You're getting there, Julie! House looks lovely and it must feel so good to be getting your sewing stuff organized!

Heather said...

You're getting there! Yay. I have an Oliso iron too, and I love it. But when I got to my local quilt shop to work, I forget those irons don't have feet. She always gets after me for that. They are way better when you own cats.

Bennett and Graves said...

Even Lower priced for very temporary window covering; Lowes has pleated paper covers that stick on the window casing like a big sticky note. I won't reveal how long (ok just over a year) two of my windows had them because I couldn't find what I wanted!

Token Asian Friend said...

Are those LG washer and dryer? We have those, and we love them! We have to leave our washer door open, though, after washes to keep it from getting that wet mildew smell. But, besides that, I love them. Have fun in California!

Archie The Wonder Dog said...

Lovely to see you're settling in - have fun with the rest of the unpacking!

loren said...

Welcome to the neighborhood! Once you've unpacked check out Grand Country Quilters in San Marcos, we just opened last Friday!


Courtney Miller-Callihan said...

Welcome to San Diego County! I'm a SD native who just moved back over the summer, after 11 years on the East Coast-- and a relatively new quilter who's having a blast exploring the local quilt shops. I can't believe how MANY there are! Let me know if you ever want a buddy for your explorations...

Anonymous said...

Hey! We are at least on the same coast now. Enjoy the beach, and the sunshine and most importantly the family. :)

Quilt Mom said...

Hi, Julie! Congratultions on your move enjoy your new life! Big changes for you and I'm sure that you are relishing them all.

KatieQ said...

I'm happy to see you are settling in. The house looks lovely. I'm sure once your family arrives, you will begin creating beautiful memories.

Jessica PierreAuguste said...

Your house and studio look great. I am interested in that cutting table. It looks much better than that wobbly one from JoAnns.
Is it intended for a sewist to put their cutting mat on or did you re-purpose this table to do that job?

Gidget said...

This looks like a beautiful home!

cllcraft said...

Welcome to the neighborhood! See you at Quilt in a Day!

Kimberlee, The Spunky Diva said...

How fun is it to set up your new sewing space? Love how you used the ikea panels. Good thinking. Those machines might make me like laundry... I keep telling that to hubby, but he doesn't buy it {or them yet}, LOL!

Joy said...

Yay!!! How nice to have your sewing things back in action. You must be so happy!

Your new home looks so nice (and with great light!). I'm glad you're settling in so nicely.

littlemissmk said...

san marcos? awesome! i'm right down the street. perhaps i'll run into you one of these days! :)