Thursday, August 19, 2010

conversations with the toddler

i heart this boy...
i really do.  and sometimes he says the sweetest things.
and then sometimes.
he says things that remind you he is three.
{ well almost three... one month shy }

these are actual conversations
with my nephew elijah
from july...


i made this quilt for elijah.. below is the story of me giving it to him
{ a big thank you to my brother for the photos! }

fabric is a bundle bought at a show
pattern - half square triangles
designed by n/a
quilted by me
started on 3/16/2010
finished on 6/27/2010
quilt measures - 36" x 48"

me: hey elijah... i have a present for you
elijah: yay present
{grabs my hand.. and walks with me to another room}
me: elijah i made this present for you
me: {i take out the quilt.. and show it to him}
elijah: [blank stare]
me: elijah i made this quilt for you
elijah: i don't want it
me: elijah it has frogs and turtles
elijah: {looks at mom} no. i don't want it
me: ok... then mom can have it... hey karin i made you a quilt!
karin: ohh it's so soft and fuzzy...thank you
elijah: i don't care

{ see the frogs in the back.. and the turtles in the bottom right? }

{ he now uses the quilt... }


in a fabric shop

 yay fabric.

i'm done now.


our right before bedtime convo
on my last night in california

me: hey elijah can i have a hug
elijah: yeah
me: so aunt julie is flying home tomorrow
elijah: yeah home
me: and i'm gonna miss you lots
elijah: yeah
me: are you gonna miss aunt julie?
elijah: no

gotta love it.

at least this little girl is 100% joy
i'm gonna enjoy it... because she will be 3 at some point too!

here is a collage my sister in law made
of aliyah the day she was born.. one month.. two.. and three
i love my niece!
{ and i still love my nephew too! }


other notes
{in case you don't follow me on facebook or twitter}

the philly modern quilt guild did a feature on me today

the fat quarter shop sponsored giveaway ends tonight at
and they doubled the prize... two fat quarter bundles of pure...
so we will have 2 winners!
this giveaway has ended.

yesterday EQ wrote about me on their blog


Just JaiCi's Crafts said...

love your convo's with your nephew...aren't kids just brutally honest?!?!?!

Anonymous said...

I made my son a quilt for his birthday and one of my male co-workers (a friend too) gave me THE hardest time about it. "Little boys don't want quilts! They want toys. when are you going to get him a real present for his birthday!?" It made me so sad, but of course he was just kidding. My 2 year old son, on the other hand, drug it around, asked for me to cover him with it, covered his stuffed animals with it, etc. He never verbalized that he liked it, but that was good enough for me. But now that he's older, he is brutally honest - isn't it great?!

KarrieLyne said...

ohmygoodness! What a little stinker! And so are you. You didn't tell me you had TURTLE fabric! If Elijah doesn't want his quilt, you can send it to me.;)

Congrats on your features!! You keep popping up all over!! So happy for you!!

I can't remember which site it was atm but that quilt you had loaded on your quilting machine..the ABC one!!! OMG....Love it!! Hadn't seen that one before!

Angela Nash said...

yep - three....they say terrible twos, but three and four can be so much worse. They speak their little minds with zero filter :)

Tracey Jacobsen said...

gotta love even the three year olds. :)

I can't believe my little guy will be free before I know it... and talking back.

Aliyah looks pretty sweet on those dolly dresses. I hope you had a good visit!

Jorie said...

Haha I am sure we are going to have lots of convos like that with our son (he is just barely shy of 2 right now). Just this morning, the hubby was getting ready for work, and Cullen was babbling away--- whatever he is saying is real to him because he says the same "sentences" over and over... So hubs says "English! No baby talk!" and Cullen says "No!" Shaine-"English!" Cullen- "No!" and they went back and forth like that for a few rounds before Cullen got frustrated, raised his hands over his head, and yelled a big long line of babble, ending with a "No, Dad!"

The One and Only said...

Ok, kids are cute like that....Isn't so weird that babies change so quickly within a couple of months? I love the 1 month old pic of her sleeeping with her mouth open :-) I have quite a few of those of my son. Hilarious!!

Leslie said...

kids are so honest and funny....i love the shot of him lying on the floor of the fabric store.

Meg said...

They are both adorable. I can so see my son doing the floor laying thing when he is older cause mommy spends too much time in the fabric stores! lol

So two winners huh? Can we say YAY! My excitement meter just went off the wall! :P

momto2wasd said...

Classic conversations!! My youngest is just a few months from his 3rd birthday. They are so cute, though!

Becky (My Fabric Obsession) said...

Oh my gosh, so cute! I'm making a quilt for my 2 year old nephew and I'm thinking that's the response I'm going to get too! They are both so adorable.

Mary on Lake Pulaski said...

How fun to spend time with your niece and nephew Julie! I just helped my niece celebrate her 9th birthday - so fun. You are really a celebrity now - your name is ALL over the place! Congratulations and well deserved!

KimT said...

the kids are gorgeous and the conversation with your nephew are hilarious!

lisa said...

wow! I can't belive they doubled it! good luck to everyone!

Anonymous said...

Great post..gave me a good 'reality' laugh! They are just the most adorable children:)

Wendy said...

So very good ... truly made me chuckle :). My girls are 4 and 6 and each year for their birthdays (at least until Em turned 6) I did a one picture a month collage for the precious year. I've 5 years for Emily and so far 4 on Abbie. Priceless!

Unknown said...

does everyone have a cute 3 yr old nephew??? bc i do too. so we are twinz.

Audrie said...

Haha I have three 3 year old nieces (well one's a month shy of 3) and conversations with them are always hilarious!

Nova said...

pure gold!

Richy Jr said...

I don't have any young kids in my family. everyone is over 18 at the present time. Hope to one day have little ones.

Love pure by the way

mascanlon said...

Such cute kids! And I sure get the conversation style. My youngest granddaughter is 2 1/2. A few weeks ago we were all at the ice cream store and I got something with nuts in it. Everyone else gave her a taste but because of the nuts I couldn't. Her Mom laughed and said "Annika, did Nana do it on purpose?" For a few days she kept saying, "And Nana did it on purpose!"
And now I'm wondering what you've made out of the wedges?

Anonymous said...

They are so cute (and honest)! Little kids are the best!

My son just recently told me that he wants to be an elementary school teacher. He's 15. Little kids LOVE him. He's a kid magnet.

Sally said...

Children are definitely funny! I just kept my niece (2) and nephew (5) for three days. It's always nephew asked me why my one room (craft room that is rather small) had so much junk in it (that one hurt my feelings a bit...I try very hard to be organized but often fall off the wagon very quickly)...and when I was telling him that I wanted to make sidewalk paint and go out and paint on the sidewalk he told me it sounded kind-of boring.

Of course, two days after they were home my SIL e-mailed to tell me that the day care provider told her that he kept talking and talking about the sidewalk painting...go figure :-)

JariJari said... adorable...they'll grow up so fast

Renegade Quilter said...

Thanks for the great convos between you & your nephew - they gave me a much needed chuckle. My neice is just over 2 & everything is 'yes' right now - doesn't matter what you ask its always 'yes'. Thank God for little kids.

Anonymous said...

Too Cute! I love the pic of him lying on the floor. Mine is usaulaly to busy playing with the tread. :)

Threeundertwo said...

Such cute pictures. You and I both know he'll love that quilt. Three is such a cute age.

Christina said...

Hilarious. Thanks for sharing this!

Angie Padilla said...

I just started following you a couple of days ago, and hadn't connected the dots. You are a fellow EQr! Love the toddler story. And no matter what your nephew says, it is obvious he does like his quilt! And yes, boys do love quilts. I just finished one for the boy in my life, and he drags it around everywhere he goes! Warm greetings from Quito, Ecuador.