Wednesday, May 20, 2009


I have a fascination with Ambigrams. Many people know about ambigrams today because of Dan Brown's book Angels and Demons... You know the one they just turned into a movie with Tom Hanks.

I know about ambigrams because of the man who created the ambigrams for the book, John Langdon. John is an amazingly talented designer with a gift for manipulating letterforms. I studied design at Drexel University and had the opportunity to take some of John's classes.

Back in December of 2005 I decided to make a quilt of one of John's ambigrams. It took quite some time to trace the letters onto a fuseable backing, cut them, and lay them out. I fused them down and that is where it stops.

For over three years now I've been struggling with what to do next. So off and on it has gone up on my design wall begging for some answer as to how to finish it. I've taken photos of a few versions but none seem to do it for me. I've been thinking lately of making a Ricky Tims Convergence Quilt and chopping it apart to make borders... Any ideas?


Kritta22 said...

I think it's beautiful!!!

I really like the first one best.

Tracey Jacobsen said...


I vote the first or second one... :) I can't decide between which one. Have you decided yet?

Jennifer Blosser said...

Very awesome! Sometimes less is more. I say go for a border and quilt it. Depending on the size, it would make a nice wall hanging.

I vote for design #3.


Trisha said...

I vote for number two. Hope you get it finished soon, its too pretty to be UFO.

Have a great visit!

mascanlon said...

I like the first one too. Or maybe start with the first one, add a very narrow border of the green/blue and then another wider border with some strong design lines that compliment the center? But if its small I think I go with one and frame it...its stunning.