Thursday, April 4, 2013

Circle Quilt Tutorial

I made this quilt for Elijah & Aliyah and gave it to them a few months ago. As you can see Jonah has already begun to claim it for himself!

Quilt Details 
Fabric is Celebrate Seuss & Cat in the Hat by Robert Kaufman
Pattern - Circle Quilt Tutorial
Designed by me
Quilted by me
Started on 12/2/10
Finished on 4/15/12
Quilt measures - 52" across


To easily create this quilt I used a 10° Wedge Ruler by Phillips Fiber Art that is 22½" long. It allows you to cut long wedges that are accurately 10° wide.

1. I made this quilt entirely from my stash & mostly from scraps. If you are going to buy new fabric I suggest getting the ruler first so you can plan out how many wedges you'll be able to cut etc. ( I don't recommend Fat Quarters as the ruler is longer than the Fat Quarters. )
2. I used batting tape to put leftover pieces of batting together. I did a tutorial on batting tape last year. If you are using new batting you'll need a piece at least 58" x 58"
3. I used scraps for my backing too. If you are using new backing fabric you'll need to make a piece at least 58" x 58" ( 3 1/4" yards will give you 58" x 80" )
4. I used scraps for my binding. You will need enough fabric to make at least 175" of bias binding. I posted a chart on calculating bias binding in one of my binding tutorials.

1. To make the quilt you will need to cut 36 wedges 10° wide. (360° total) Adjust this quantity if you are using a 15° or other degree ruler. I decided to use 18 fabrics and cut 2 from each.
2. Start with 2 wedges and arrange them as shown.
3. Pin and sew a 1/4" seam along one side.
4. Press seam open or to the darker fabric. I press my seams open 95% of the time.
5. The result!

6. Continue adding wedges. Initially I made one half of the quilt with 18 wedges. I suggest dividing the wedges in 4 sections of 9 wedges.
7. I arranges the remaining 18 wedges on my design wall so that I could make sure the order of the fabrics was the same for the second half.
8. This photo shows you the top right section of 9 wedges sewn together.
9. Then I completed sewing the top left section of 9 wedges.
10. Next I sewed the top 2 sections together to complete the top half of the quilt.
11. Then I sewed the 2 halves together to complete the quilt top. (Minus the hole in the center.)

12. The hole in the center was approximately 4-5" in size. I decided to cut a 10" circle to applique over the hole. That way it would cover the opening and hide any mistakes near the middle. I fussy cut one character from the Dr. Seuss fleece so that it would also have texture for the kids.
13. Layer, Baste & Quilt. I quilted straight lines along the wedges to keep it simple.
Here is some pre-binding photos of the quilt that I recently found in my Project Life album. I can't believe how little Aliyah is!!

14. Bind the circle quilt with bias binding. I used a scrappy bias binding made from solid navy & the multicolor stripe. Make at least 175" of bias binding.
How to make scrappy bias binding.
How to bind curves.
As I mentioned this quilt was originally a gift for Elijah & Aliyah.
Here is my Dad helping Aliyah open the quilt at Hanukkah a few months ago.

Aliyah's first move was to do a twirl on the quilt.

Then they started searching for the books they have read.

...and then they went back to opening more presents of course!

Jonah is a big fan of the quilt.

My SIL Karin loves it because it is small enough to bring to the park, but big enough for Jonah to chill & have tummy time.

 Occasionally they still stake their claim on the quilt.

 I'm just glad it has gotten so much use & is loved so much!!


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  1. Adorable! I still haven't used my wedge, and I won't say how long I have had it.

  2. Great idea! I have a 9 degree wedge I used to make a Christmas skirt..and I have Dr. Seuss fabric! Guess what has popped up onto my to do list...


  3. So cute, Looking for something different for my new grandbaby, I think I found it.Thanks You have great ideas.

  4. Makes me want to go out and get a ruler like that! Thanks for the tutorial.

  5. What a great idea and darling quilt. Thanks for sharing it with us.

  6. Super Duper Cute! Needs a "baby not included" disclaimer! :cD

    Shouted you out to my Quiltville fb page :)


  7. Oh my gosh Julie! Those pictures of the kids are just adorable. And your quilt is awesome.

  8. Gorgeous quilt and its lovely to see the little ones using it :)

  9. This is "sew" adorable!!! Where can I find the 10" wedge?

  10. Kathleen, I don't know where you are located but I just bought a 10 Degree Wedge (and some fabric!)from The Cherry Pit quilt shop while on vacation in Sevierville, TN. Thought they were going to have to ship it to me but the ruler came in before we left town. Their phone number is 865-453-4062. Website is Awesome shop and wonderful staff there.

  11. Es precioso y muy original!!!

  12. Great quilt! Now... can I hold that baby a little bit?

  13. Love this quilt! I'm now awaiting the arrival of the ruler and the extension to make larger circles. Can't wait to get one of these going.

  14. That is seriously cute! Will have to print out your directions for the next baby in my life! xo

  15. WOW!!!! It's wonderful I love it!

  16. Hi Julie, I am so excited to receive my first two blocks for the BOM using the Hex N More. Two weeks ago I bought a lot of a new fabric line from Cottonwoods Quilt Shop in Charlottesville, VA. It was the same fabric as the BOM. Wow what a coincidence or really Serendipity!
    Carol in VA BCH

  17. This is just so CUTE!! I love how you made it so colorful with all the Dr. Seuss fabrics. The kids will enjoy this for a very long time. I'm going to hunt down one of those wedges and try this myself! Thanks for the inspiration :)

  18. Hi, This quilt is so cute, I have just ordered a Jelly Roll of this fabric - would the ruler be wider than 2.5 inches?

    Many thanks
    Jenny,Dublin, Ireland

  19. This is too cute! I want to make it I have no patience to wait for the 10 degree wedge tool, so I made one out of cardboard I had lying around.....I'll let you know how it works!

  20. Re: Jenny_stitcher

    I can't reply to you directly as your profile does not contain your e-mail address. Yes the ruler is wider than 2.5"

  21. My sister is about to be a grandma again - what a perfect gift! I am heading to the fabric store this morning - guess what else is now on my list!!
    They do not have a lot of rulers (small store) so I may have to make my own template. As long as all the wedges are the same - it should work right? (I am still a newbie!!) Thank you!!

  22. @Alicia Cecil - I'm interested in knowing how your cardboard wedge template worked also.
    Julie, I have a small wedge and at this point I really can't afford to purchase the bigger one if I'm buying fabric, should I look at getting a 1/4 or 1/3 yard of each fabric? I was thinking 1/3 so there is leftover for the binding??

    My Grandson's 1st Birthday is coming up in 4 weeks and the Birthday party theme is Cat in the Hat! I've been trying to come up with a unique quilt for Casper and this is it! Now I just need to find another one for my grandson Tucker who will be turning one in August!

    Love all your Tutorials, just wish I could sit at my sewing machine a lot longer than I actually can! Any ideas for another unique blanket would be appreciated! Thanks again for a fantastic Tutorial!


  23. Hello, this is AMAZING! You are quite talented. I really would like to make this for my niece who is expecting a baby and I am doing her shower in the Cat in The Hat theme. OMG! This would be the perfect gift!!! Thanks for sharing your talents. If you don't mind, I would like to make one. I promise to post pictures when I am done, if you like.

  24. This is a perfect way to make a Christmas Tree skirt...its getting to be that time...

  25. Just wanted to let you know that I did make a Christmas tree skirt using your tutorial ~ LOVE IT!! Thanks! Here's a pic:

  26. Lovely tutorial. I made a baby quilt for a cousin's christmas present, can't wait to give it to him!

  27. I am in love with this quilt. Just saw another "circle quilt" on a fb page and was intrigued, so googled and here you are. This may be my summer project. Or one of them at least. Thanks for sharing your fun idea. ps the picture of Jonah sacked out on the quilt is priceless.

  28. I loved your quilt so much that I followed your tutorial and made one for my best friend's new baby! I blogged about it today and linked back to you: Thank you for the wonderful tutorial!

  29. I'm not entirely sure if the quilt is cuter or if it's the baby. (as cute as the quilt is, it's probably the baby) I'm really tempted to make one of these for my grand-baby to be. Thank you for posted the tutorial!

  30. I'm new to quilting and don't have young kids but this is definitely a to-do for me. Thanks!

  31. These are perfect for tummy time. A friend of mine used denim for the backing as it was going to be used everywhere.

  32. Beautiful! You are so talented.

  33. I just made 3 Christmas tree skirts, using this pattern. I have the same 10-degree ruler, & it is fantastic! A few years ago I made a circular quilt for my sister's dog (which her cats sleep on!!), but I made it super-scrappy. My sister just loves it!
    Thank you for sharing your idea. Some day I'll use this idea to make a baby quilt.
    Margaret Burnett

  34. Hi, Love the idean, needed to make a baby gift and now I know I will make this.I didnt see how the back was made, if it was there, I missed it could you let me know what to do?, thanks pam stone

  35. I absolutely love making this quilt. I have made 8 of these for family and friends since 2013! Will be starting #9!I changed it up by using denim for the backing. So they can use them outside and minky fabric for the center circle. Thank you for sharing!


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