Monday, September 24, 2012

Skip the Borders - Blog Book Tour, Day 7

Today is the 7th stop on the tour! Head down under to see what Rita of Red Pepper Quilts has to say!!


Have you noticed that I've been sharing a photo with you in each post? They are photos that I took of my book quilts {or my family if I'm in the photo!}
Raspberry Dessert from Skip the Borders

Raspberry Dessert was featured in Quiltmaker Magazine early last year. I received SO MANY requests for the pattern once the magazine was no longer available. Because of your requests I decided to include it in my book! Raspberry Dessert is a fabulous borderless quilt! :-)

I also thought it would be fun to see what Raspberry Dessert would look like in some other color options. With each color option I've provided you with the Kona Cotton Solids that I used in that option. Please Note: Every monitor is different so what you see is not an exact match to the colors of actual fabric.

Blueberry Pie



Granny Smith Apple

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  1. Your book as gorgeous and so bold! Congratulations on another wonderful achievement!

  2. I just LOVE this pattern! It is everything that I love about quilting. Love love love! I need this book just for this quilt!

  3. I cannot tell you how much I loved seeing the color options! Fabulous!

  4. I bought the book just for this pattern (but the rest of the book is fabulous too!) and finished my "Rainbow Sherbet Dessert" this weekend. One of my favorite ever patterns!

  5. LOVE this quilt too. Really like the blue (Blueberry Pie)! So pretty.

  6. this is one of my favorite patterns in the book. Off to see if I can win a copy.

  7. Would love to purchase this pattern as a PDF!

  8. have been enjoying the book tour tremendously! love all the patterns and like this post about 'changing' the looks of the pattern by changing the color. we all have fav colors and combinations of them and use them to make the patterns our own.

  9. I absolutely love how much you share with us, (especially a neebie like me). I am such a fan, have your new wonderful book, & almost all of your patterns.Thank you for sharing, especially the the fabrics used & now the Kona colors you use or could be used...I have such a hard time trying to put colors this latest example is so helpful!....I missed you at both of the somewhat local visits (within a 100 miles of where I live) in CA. Will you be back anytime soon?
    Thank you again for all your help! Nancy

  10. That's really cool! I especially love the citrus but they are all pretty.

  11. This is an awesome quilt!!!
    Have a gerat day.
    Always, Queenie


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