Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Your photos!

One of my favorite things is seeing photos of quilts you have made from my patterns & tutorials.  Often I want to make my quilts over & over again but rarely have the time.  Seeing your photos in amazing fabric combinations is the best alternative!

If you have a photo to share please add it to the flickr group.

Here are a bunch of the photos from flickr.  Check out the group to see more!


Amelie’s Unwind

Cheryl’s Chopsticks

Dooooot’s Chopsticks

Susan’s Hugs & Kisses

Erica’s  Hugs & Kisses

RSTinWA’s Hugs & Kisses

Tracy’s Hugs & Kisses

Katy’s Firecracker

Marieke’s Taffy

ElisesGirl’s Taffy

Pam’s Off the Rail

J2BHaines’ Off the Rail #1

J2BHaines’ Off the Rail #2

Becky’s Carnival

Kelly’s  Fast Forward

Becky’s Fast Forward

DeeRoo’s Opposites Attract

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  1. so many pretty quilts. i bet it is incredibly satisfying to see so many people making quilts from your own patterns that they love! i am envious. ;)

  2. Eye candy! I need to get my 2012 quilt goals put together this weekend and they include a couple of these. Fabric and rulers already in house, just need to make it happen. How very fun to see what everyone has been doing with your patterns!

  3. Beautiful all! I agree - it's so much fun to see other quilter's quilts made from your patterns. Every one is so different, so creative. I love the clothesline shots, too. It's always a windy day when I attempt one of those!

  4. How wonderful to see what others do with your designs, very cool.
    Have a great day.
    Always, Queenie

  5. Oooh nice! I'll have to send you my Chopsticks quilt when I have it done. I'm teaching it in April (yeah, the Chinese chick is teaching Chopsticks har har) and I have yet to find the perfect fabric.

  6. Chopsticks quilt pictures are my favorite.

    Wonderful pattern!

  7. ahhh! gorgeous! I love seeing how a pattern translates in different fabrics and colors.

  8. It's so wonderful to see your designs made by others. They are exceptional and so original.

  9. I'm just a gal who likes to quilt and cannot believe it when I see my work out on the web. I Just about fell off the sofa! Thanks for the thrill and awesome patterns. Tracy (Hugs & Kisses)

  10. WhoooHoooo! Thanks for the shout out kiddo! My folks loved their Poppa and Momma Bear Quilts (Opposites Attract) was really hard for me to part with them but they look great keeping the 'rents warm and snuggly!!

  11. I love the inspiration. Those Ghastlies are perfect in that quilt!


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