Saturday, December 24, 2011

Sewing gifts for myself

So I know I shouldn't be buying things for myself this time of year... but earlier this week I splurged a bit!

Yummy new fabric.

I've been a fan of American Jane prints for a long time... so I needed to snag some of the new Pezzy Print basics.

....and this MoMo Jelly Roll was also calling my name.

I almost got another jelly roll... but then decided to splurge and get the fat quarter bundle of Reunion by Sweetwater since I have a special plan for it.

I also got some notions.
More wonder clips {they rock}
New hardware for some bags & things
and some new zipper colors...

 ...and a few packages of Quilters Hangup.  They are ready to go sleeves and they rock.  I already used some last night to add sleeves to two projects that I'll show you soon.

I didn't get all these books last week... but they are all recent additions to my quilting library.  I have a BIG library of quilting books since you can learn something new from each one.  My plan is to share a bit about them with you in January... and maybe do a few giveaways too!

Whether you treat yourself to some new sewing supplies... or someone in your life rocks and bought them for you... I hope you get a few new things from your list this holiday season!

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  1. oh, those are wonderful prezzies to yourself! All things I would have on my list too!

  2. Here's the it really splurging if you are going to (or do) use it?? LOL I think not! If we don't take care of ourselves who will?? Those materials are just yummy!!

  3. Ohhh, lovely pressies to yourself! Enjoy them!

  4. Happy Holidays!

    Splurging on yourself is totally allowed this time of year!

    I'm curious as to how the Quilters Hangup things work?

    I picked up a fat quarter stack of the Pezzy multi prints on Etsy, they're very cute and bright and happy. I haven't gotten the basics ones yet, but I may. I was lucky that my boyfriend's mom sent me some money which I used to splurge on fabric, including some of the new Lotta Jansdotter Echo.

    My boyfriend's dad got me a copy of Scrap Republic and the boyfriend got me Block Party. I have another gift card that I may use to nab Sarah Fielke's Quilting from Little Things, as spied in your stack of goodies! I love her Night Garden quilt in that book. And then there's all these amazing books that haven't been published yet! (Angela Walters, Alissa Haight Carlton... I can't wait!).

  5. Everything is sooo you! I can totally see these fabrics being used in your wonderful quilt designs.

    And the Quilter's Hang up's are really great! Terri the owner lives in the same town I do, and I just met her 2 days ago when she popped into my shop! Small world :)

  6. LOL, well I have a few of those things in sewing room too, I got the Pezzies a few weeks ago and a Momo jelly roll. I have been coveting the Reunion but since I don't have a plan so far haven't gotten it. A few of those books found my way into holiday Amazon orders too. looking forward to seeing what you have planned Julie.

  7. No one can pick what you like as well you can yourself! You did an awesome job Julie!

  8. Oh who cares! Buy yourself whatever you like, whenever you like! The hubs and I definitely did that this month hehehe! Love all the fabric picks... I might need some of those!

  9. Always nice to treat ourselves.
    I hope you and your family have having a wonderful Chanukah and blessings in the year to come.


  10. i LOVE that pez! i can't wait to get some for myself!

  11. A wonderful holiday for you and your family from down under.

  12. All so yummy! Love the Reunion, so many great colors. Is that second jelly roll moda's half moon modern? Love the gray with all the brights.

  13. How fuuny! My stack of books is very similar to yours, except some are missing. But not for long. My goal this year is to be more modern. Somehow.

  14. I bought myself a bunch of quilt gifts and "gave" them to people to give to me for Christmas. I don't care that I'm not surprised. I just wanted to make sure I got what I wanted. Love all the stuff you bought. My birthday is next month. Maybe I should start buying gifts for then too! Merry Christmas!!

  15. You have great taste - can't wait to see what is created from all of these goodies. Happy Holidays.

  16. Hi! Wow your presents are really wonderful! I love all those fabrics and I'm waiting to see more of them! Great supplies, too! Ready hanging sleeve, that's a helpful idea!
    I'll be happy if you show a little more your books!
    Happy Holidays! x Teje

  17. In my eyes they are very beautiful pictures. Beautiful materials. I wish I would of Christmas such tissues.
    I ordered package from America, but unfortunately it has not arrived.
    Merry Christmas!

  18. I can't wait to see what you have planned for the FQB of Reunion. I just love that line!!! Merry Christmas :)

  19. Sometimes when fabric calls you name you just habe to go for it :o)
    Have a great day.
    Always, Queenie

  20. Ahhhh so jealous! I've decided I'm going to treat myself to my first ever jelly roll next year!


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