Monday, August 30, 2010

i had a plan...

for this weekend...
but as often happens... plans end up just plans.. and life happens.

my plan was to quilt this pile
instead i started three new projects!

i haven't posted a sunday stash report 2 weeks in a row now..
{ lack of time... i am still tracking my numbers }
and as a result i haven't had a chance to show you some of my yummy new fabric!
geo organic prints from daisy janie

one of the things i started this weekend was my piece for "project pure"
it isn't ready to show yet... but soon!
everyone in the guild that is participating has bought their charm packs... 
& i've put the few i have left in the shop in case you want one!

i also made some progress on my selvage spider web quilt
8 more blocks.. makes for a total of 20 so far

my selvages were all starting to look like this...

after a bit of cutting... ironing... and sorting help from mom...
and i now have neat piles!

one last thing...

sandy the designer of the curve master foot loved my video tutorial that i posted on the swatch & stitch...
and as a result she has a special offer for all of you!  so if you are considering getting the foot...

Julie, that is a beautiful quilt and you did a great job demonstrating the Curve Master which I created to make curves EASY! To show my appreciation for your support, I will make a special offer to anyone who orders the Curve Master Presser Foot from my website between now, August 28 and September 30, 2010: Write in the comment section that it is because of your endorsement, and I will include the special Bent-Tip Tweezers at no charge!! That is an $8.00 value, as my gift in appreciation of your support and your readers acting on your video tip. Best wishes, Sandy - Creator of the Curve Master

thanks sandy!!

and thank you to all of you for leaving comments on the swatch & stitch!
{this is another one that needs to get quilted now too!}

i'll be back soon with a GO! giveaway..
and hexagon hand sewing part 3!


  1. Loving your spiderweb quilt! It's so fun ;)

  2. Girlfriend you got it goin' on!! Seriously goin' on. Everytime I see your work I get inspired.


  3. I'm curious about your selvages. I don't usually take mine off - should I be? Please talk me through this, if you don't mind. Or point me in the direction of a tutorial. Thanks!

  4. I have a stack of that Geo Grand as well. Tested a block pattern for it on the weekend. It worked! Now, on to that project.

  5. Love your spiderweb quilt. I have to confess that I ditch my selvages. I really should save them and give them to someone who would use them. What size do you usually cut off? One inch or bigger?

    Thank you also for posting the link for the curve master. I just ordered one. Can't wait to try it out!

    Oh and before I forget, I have a giveaway on my blog right now in case you're interested. I've made it very easy to enter.

  6. I'm inspired by your selvage spiderweb quilt. So awesome!

  7. I totally hear ya on the plans turning into other plans..... That has been my life the last couple of weeks.

    I ordered the Curve Master foot yesterday but I did send her an email seeing if I can still get the tweezers - that would be nice.

    I love your spiderweb blocks and I can't wait to see what you have going on with Pure!

  8. Meh plans go awry... I told myself to finish two quilt tops over the weekend. Didn't happen.

    Really loving the spiderweb quilt! And umm, my selvage pile looks ridiculous... it's a pile on my sewing table and I have to not make eye contact so it doesn't scare me. One day it'll topple over and smother me...

  9. So lovely to see what you are up to, even if it didn't go to plan! Love your spiderweb! xo

  10. Owls and whales, oh my!! So cute in those selvages!

    I have a few tops that need quilting too. Can I add them to your pile since you have a really neato quilting machine? ;)

    Love how your spider web quilt is coming along! You're really trucking on that!

  11. Yep...those plans just slip away! I have 3 new things out on my table now, one cut the other not. A bunch of new fabrics to go with the adorable Dr. Seuss scraps (thanks again), a older Fall kit (part of my deal with myself this year, every new older one gets done) and then a cute little cuddle quilt I found at Gina's picking up my new chair! And the bindings, oh yes, the bindings, those baby gifts need to be done and gifted!
    And I was excited to see there is an actual Bernina adapter so I can play with the curved foot! WooHoo!

  12. the spider web selvage blocks looks awesome, the organic fabrics are fabulous, great offer from sandy...can't wait to see all d 3 projects you are working on plus soon-to-be quilted pieces and also coming up! busy!busy! ;-)

    BTW, that's really sweet of yr mother with the help for your selvage pieces

  13. Sounds like we need another weekend sewing session! I have 2 tops I just can't get basted...but yay for new projects. Things never go according to plan. That's part of the fun.

    Loved the tutorial...those curves look super easy.

  14. We must be soul quilters! I never tire of starting new projects. Does that mean we are ADHD quilters? LOL

  15. Thanks for passing on the Curve Master freebie info. Your tutorial was OUTSTANDING! I had heard of it before but seeing it in action made all the difference.

    Your spiderweb looks fantastic!!

  16. I have a bag of selvages for you, I keep forgetting to send them, and then I misplace them. I know you have enough, but I feel guilty tossing them.
    Where's Mom when i need her?? I need a sorting angel!

  17. Great quilts! Watched the video on the curve foot...amazing! I think I may need to order one.

  18. Julie, My curve master arrived today and I could not be more thrilled! Thanks so much for doing a the youtube video. I have a link to your site and just embedded the video in tonight's post from youtube, if that's OK. Please let me know if not and I'll change whatever you like.
    Happy quilting,


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