Monday, December 28, 2009

yes i know this is a quilting blog...

and i promise soon enough i'll get back to blogging about quilting
i'll make it one of my new year's resolutions... deal?


i did get some books....
thanks to my brother.

and i went shopping just because
really just because
i think i needed toothpaste... and socks...
but that was all that was on my list.

but i came home with this.
its red... scalloped... and you probably are sick of hearing about it.

between here
& here ...with a lid...

i don't know who started it.
i think it was on twitter.
but once i was at target...
and saw it half off...
somehow it just ended up in my cart.
{cause come on... like i need it?... now i have to figure out how to make a cake...}

will be here soon... i'm thinking early jan.

but even sooner.
will be one for these babies.
loaded chocolate covered pretzels.
they are my specialty
and i don't make them for just anything...
but they are so much fun... so i'm gonna share.

what about you...
good holidays?
productive sewing?
total slacker?
ate your year's worth of calories in a month?
any last minute end of the year confessions?


  1. Those are the most attractive & tasty choc loaded pretzels ever!! You don't get to have many leftovers when they are around!! Thanks Jul, they were the best!!

  2. I love that red cake plate! It needs an aqua colored cake on it - toute de suite! I've been eyeing the cupcake holder that matches.... I'm actually going to Target this morning to see if there is anything left.

    I'm sure I've gained another 10 pounds since my last OB check up. Last month I weighed in the Monday after Thanksgiving and the doctor raised his eyebrow at my weight gain. So not fair. I have another appt. tomorrow. whatever. I guess I'll just eat salad all day today. :)

  3. bring on the loaded chocolate pretzel tutorial!! I think these sweets would look great on your new cake stand!

  4. I ate way way too many calories! Did a little bit of sewing and took a few great naps! Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

  5. Those pretzels are amazing! I'm sooo going to have to make some! Glad you found a red scalloped cake plate...there's just something about it...I've not put a cake on mine yet...but what a great idea with the snowballs and a lid! Have a great day!

  6. Those pretzels look awesome. I am so tired of eating and ready to get back to a routine again.

  7. me? Total slacker. :-)) I did look for a red cake plate, but they were gone. :-( I think I gained just looking at your pretzels! :-o But it was worth it! LOL Happy New Year!

  8. oh my goodness, those pretzels look special indeed.

    I think I need one of those cake plates (and even have a Target giftcard)...

    Let us know how you like the books!

    I did a little sewing. While my husband cleaned out the office to turn it in to my sewing area (he finally realized that the sewing probably isn't going to go away), I continued on the kitchen counter and dining room table to make pieced hexagons in Lecien's pastel floral collection. I absolutely love it, and it was so fun to play with fabric that was just for fun!

    (PS. I'm giving away a mini quilt via my blog if you want to check it out!)

  9. crap. i went to target JUST for that stupid cake plate and it was gone.

    hope you have a great new years week!

  10. Ooh I want that cake plate and the Quilting For Peace book! I took a day off sewing over the Christmas holidays so I kind of felt like a slacker (though I shouldn't) and of course I ate too much. It's Christmas. That's what you do :) And I confess to nothing! I'm an angel... *cough cough*

  11. I think I ate about a million more calories than I needed this week! And those pretzles look super yummy, so add those onto my plate :)

    I've looked for that cake plate, but no luck at the local Target. Lucky find! But I did have a FUN trip to a fabric store over Christmas!

  12. I have two of those books and I love them! I want Quilting for Peace. My birthday is next month, I guess it will go on that list :)

    My mother took me to her favorite quilt shop while I was home and I picked up some fabric there. Can't wait to use them!

    Cute cake plate :)

  13. Ate too much, did a little sewing,plan on more tomorrow, have not gone shopping...yet! :^)

  14. Great find, you lucky girl! And btw, you can blog about anything you want. We love it!

  15. good reading....and good chocolate = fun.

  16. So mad I didn't get that cake plate! The pretzels are making me drool. Happy New Year!

  17. Love the cake plate and your candy and pretzels looks soooo good. I've had my fair share of calories for this month.

  18. Mmmm, chocolate covered pretzels! Julie, you're a girl after my own heart.
    I'm not a total slacker at the moment--I'm frantically trying to squeeze in every last second to finish my last 2 WIPs for Jacquie's Joy in the New Year. And I'd better hurry--one of those WIPs (the coin quilt with its binding half-sewn) is meant to be a wedding present this weekend! Yikes!

  19. Have A Happy New Year. I know you will eating all those yummy chocolate covered pretzels :-)

    I am loving the red cake plate...oh yeah!

    rosie/fabric shopper

  20. I loved your chocolate dish of goodies. Glad that you are enjoying your holiday!
    Happy New Year!


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