Monday, December 7, 2009

happy monday.

i tried to have a productive sewing weekend.
it just didn't happen...
but so far since jacquie started the joy in the new year challenge i've had 7 finishes
so since i admitted to 14 wips...that puts me half way there... with 4 weeks left in the year... wish me luck.

so instead of seeing what i'm not working on now..
here are some photos of holiday runners i've made over the years.
{new tutorial coming soon..hopefully tomorrow}

Pattern is from 12 Days of Christmas by Nancy Halvorsen

these two are from a pattern in Quilts & More Magazine ... I took the block from a quilt and made 6.. put 3 into each runner.. they were a gift set for family friends... {a mom & daughter}

this one is from the book Quilts Through the Seasons by Eleanor Burns...
i have a large spring one from this pattern that i've been working on forever... i think with me if i don't have a deadline.. and the quilt isn't small.. chances are it isn't getting done anytime soon.

last one is Tree's Up! Light's On! by Sandy Gervais of Pieces from My Heart
the pattern is for a 30 block quilt.. and i started one of those too.. one day i'll finish it!!

as for the giveaway... the winner is lucky #13
JacquieLH who said "I would make a quilted coin purse."
JacquieLH please send me your info!!


  1. Oh I love your tree runners! So sweet. Do you remember which quilts and more the one was in??good for you finishing half your wips!

  2. Your table runners are absolutely beautiful. Inspirational. Thanks for sharing.

    And speaking of sharing, I hope you'll check out my Virtual Christmas Quilt Show and consider sharing a quilt (or your quilted Christmas tree table runners) in this show. Just check out the rules & follow if you want to win prize(s).


  3. Oh the pears and holly topper is adorable. They are all great!

  4. I love all those runners! I'm trying to keep myself focused on deadline stuff - I WANT to make runners.

  5. Very cute runners... especially loving the Quilts & More trees!

  6. Love those blue trees!! And the spring one! Actually, they are all fantastic but the blue trees - definitely my favourite.

  7. i made that Quilts and More quilt; love it! and i've had the Tree's Up quilt on my to-do list for years. love that you are doing yours in blues

  8. Your table runners are great. I love the Sandy Gervais in blue!

  9. Happy Monday to you too! Okay Tuesday! You definitely have gotten a lot done. I love all of your table runners.

  10. i love all your runners! so very cute!

  11. oh, and 7 finishes is impressive!!! you can do it! ;)


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