Monday, May 25, 2009

nine patch update...sunshine blocks...and another dress!

I made a good amount of progress on my nine patch blocks over the last few days.. I'm up to 19 done... this one is my favorite so far...

i did a mock layout to see how they look... i have no plan as to color or theme and my fabrics are from all different types of styles... i think that there is a enough variety that it'll work in the end.


I've been working on this quilt for....gasp...2 years... now it's not like i've been actively working on it but it just became one of those UFOs that stayed packed all neatly together for a while. I started it in a class and the student show at the shop I work at is in 3 weeks... and i'd love to be able to have it done and show it so my goal is to work on it a bit each day to finish it in 3 weeks...

blocks all pinned and ready to be sewn...

half the blocks sewn and squared...

some of the blocks up on my design wall...

i need to finish 20+ more blocks.. cut 99 cornerstones.. 178 lattice pieces and 2 borders... hmmm


Lastly I've been inspired to make another dress. If you haven't picked up a copy of Weekend Sewing by Heather Ross yet you need to... its a great fun easy sewing book for some side non-quilting projects.

I'm planning on making the Kimono Dress and Obi Sash. I'm up for the challenge. The aqua is going to be the dress with the gold as the sash. The plan is to have it done for a May 20th wedding.... lots of deadlines coming up!

hope you had a good memorial day and got lots done with the 3 day weekend!!


  1. Your nine patches are looking great -- congrats on being almost caught up!

  2. I LUV your sunshine quilt blocks. Seriously. I have a big stack of Sunshine yardage that I just cannot bear to cut into. Every week I think of something new and exciting I can do with it, and then I wimp out and work on another project instead. Your quilt blocks make the fabric look even yummier!!!


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